How Financial Advisors Can Help Clients With Retirement Plans

A new study by Nationwide Retirement Institute showed that financial advisers could lose clients if they do not talk about social security in retirement. The survey on showed that 4 in 5 people could move their business from a financial adviser who assumes social security to one willing to talk about it. Social security could potentially take up 40% of the retirement benefits making it very vital if one is to plan for retirement.

Additionally, the study revealed the disappointment of most retired people after they received fewer benefits than they had initially anticipated. Some of them had budgeted for that money but given the undisclosed taxes and deductions at, they have had to settle for a less luxurious life after retirement. This can all be blamed on lack of proper planning for retirement.

David Giertz, the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales urges financial advisers to take the issue of social security in retirement more seriously. He emphasizes that people need to accommodate social security as they make the plans for their retirement. David Giertz also advises the financial advisers to encourage clients to delay taking up their retirement benefits. The reason is that if delayed, benefits tend to have annual growth thus ending up in more monthly receipts when the retirees take up their benefits on On the contrary, early subscribers of retirement benefits receive less monthly receipts.

David Giertz has worked in the finance sector for over 30 years and has had a chance to work with many individual and corporate clients. He is also a registered stock broker with FINRA. This was after he passed exams in securities. He also has a strong background in finance having undertaken a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Milliken and master’s degree from the Miami School of Business.

Brian Bonar: The Top Gold Executive

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and also Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corp. and Trucept Inc. over the years he has worked for various companies with a really good record to his name. The places he has worked have included;

  • The Amanda Co. Inc.
  • Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc.
  • Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc.

In all of them, he was in leading positions. We can thus say that he has been really good at his job of leading the companies to success. As an executive, he is really good at what he does, and this has put him at the top as one of the best Executives of recent time.

The Executive of the Year

Brian Bonar was chosen to be Executive of The Year by Cambridge which in turn set him apart in a class of his own as a world- class leader. He was on the list that usually comprises of the list of two top male and two top female executives who are chosen each year.

Thirty Years In The Business

With about thirty years of experience to his name, Brian has had a really good career leading companies efficiently, and over time he has shown that he can get the job done. This has worked in his favor seeing that he is winning awards.

With that many years leading companies and working for them, you can be assured that he knows what he is doing.

Leading Dalrada

Dalrada Financial Corporation specializes in providing financial services to small business and helping them with the staffing, workers benefits and financial aspects of running businesses.

With Brian Bonar at the helm of this company, they have not declined but grown more and bigger. This proves that he is maintaining the company at a stable position and that his way of working with the people under him is effective.

His passion according to him is to lead high performing teams that will, in turn, deliver collaborative solutions, and he likes building the trust between the client and himself. This has made him popular in the finance world.

Alma Mater

His history in the educational pool can be summarized into these two:

  • He got a bachelor’s degree at James Watt Technical College
  • He earned his doctorate and graduated degree from Staffordshire University in the UK

Work Summary

He used to work as a manager at IBM. He then went on to direct engineering for QMS. At QMS, he was managing about 100 people. He then became a sales manager for Adaptec. He took over as the CEO of Dalrada in 1998 and became board chairman in 1999.

Right now, he is at Trucept where they provide solutions for small businesses that has the problem getting off the ground.

In Conclusion

Brian Bonar is a man of repute, and he has done a good job so far. He also loves boating.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the leading Title and Document companies in the United States, as evidenced by the fact that eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and title companies rely on Nationwide primarily for their document needs. When it comes to closing time on a home or property sale, having the right documents on time is very important and without them, the closing will not happen.


Nationwide has been in business since 1991, and since that time the Palm Harbor company has become one of the largest and most sought after title and document companies in the country. Their expert staff of over 570 well-trained employees keeps the documents flowing from the over 3,600 counties and jurisdictions that Nationwide has access to all over the United States.


Employee training is a big factor in the success of the company along with the approach to the daily pressure that is every present when there is a constant need for perfection. Nationwide currently has a 99.98% compliance rate and a rejection rate of 0.79% when it comes to finding the correct document. This is an astonishing record when the sheer volume of documents is brought to the table.


It all boils down to education, training and follow up. A new employee is brought through a highly detailed and in-depth training at the outset and then continues through a three-week mentoring experience where the details are learned with a mentor always by their side. The new employee can move on to another phase by mastering the current one, and so on.


There is also 150 modules of advanced training which is voluntary, although it is instrumental in advancement to supervisory and management positions in the company. Nationwide does have many online availabilities of ways to find documents, but not all can be left up to robots. It takes 570 plus human beings to fill in the blanks and to make sure that the process keeps moving so accuracy and speed are always at the forefront.


Nationwide handles the gamut of service that retail title and mortgage companies need to process loans, and these include lien releases, assignments, current ownership records, document retrieval, nationwide abstractor services, final document processing, assignment verification, lien verification reports, current ownership verification, and many other services.


As John Hillman, CEO put it, the pressure that is on all of us is real, but when you can have fun working, the stress is taken off the worker. Everyone cooperates, and the goal is achieved as a group, and everyone gets the credit.


Doe Deere Has A Dream Come True With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Russian born artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere has become a phenomenal success with her Lime Crime cosmetics line. Raised in New York City since the age of 17, she has been able to overcome failure in her attempt to become a rock & roll artist and a model and fashion designer. Deere has been able to use the lessons she learned to fuel her growing company. Since she was a child she has always loved bright, unusual colors. Those bright, bold colors are the very things that have drawn a growing number of people worldwide to her makeup brand.


Doe Deere’s first foray into business was as a 13 year old. She sold her Russian classmates temporary tattoos. Even at that age she quickly realized the marketing of her products was the key to her success. So she set about convincing them that getting a temporary tattoo was the hip and cool thing to do. Years later when she started Lime Crime cosmetics she used her much more developed marketing skills to make her handmade makeup into an international sensation. This time she didn’t have to convince her potential customers her products were cool. She simply tapped into a demand that already existed.


One of Doe Deere’s earliest dreams was to become a musician. While growing up in New York City, she and her future husband Mark formed a rock band and recorded a few albums. It was while looking for brightly colored makeup for her live shows that the Lime Crime cosmetics line started to take shape. She couldn’t find makeup the was bold and bright enough for her needs, so she decided to make some for herself. Visitors to her online makeup tutorial convinced her to offer her makeup for sale. That is how Lime Crime cosmetics was born.


Always imaginative and ambitious, Deere created a phenomenal marketing plan using some of the things she had learned as a musician. They led to her becoming a success. These days she spends a great deal of her time helping other women realize their dreams. The key advice she gives them is to develop their talents and follow their dreams even if no one else believes in them. It’s exactly what she’s done with Lime Crime cosmetics. And while the experts told her she couldn’t succeed, her countless customers worldwide feel the unique makeup helps them express their inner unicorn.


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Restore Hair Back To Health With WEN Cleansing Conditioner

With so many fancy shampoo and conditioner products out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for your unique hair. All of these products promise to make hair softer, shinier and healthier than ever. The problem is that these products simply can’t deliver on their promises because of the high amount of harsh chemicals that they contain.

More and more studies are being released that show just how much certain popular hair care ingredients ruin hair’s health. Sulfates, for instance, are found in almost every commercial shampoo product and are the ingredient behind shampoo’s rich and foamy lather. Unfortunately, sulfates also cause hair to dry out over time. While sulfates are massaged into the hair follicles, they lift every last trace of moisture from each strand. What’s left is hair that is frizzy and deprived of hydration.

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Therefore, it’s safe to say that hair will never be as shiny and soft as possible as long as you rely on commercial hair care products. Luckily, a new product is on the market that is free of harsh chemicals like sulfates.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a revolutionary product that can thoroughly cleanse and hydrate hair without toxic and harsh ingredients. The product takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler.

Technically, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is not a shampoo at all. Instead, it’s a formula of plant-based ingredients that naturally clean and moisturize hair. When you read the ingredient list on the back of the product’s bottle, all you will find are familiar names of natural ingredients like chamomile flowers and rosemary.

All of the ingredients in WEN Cleansing Conditioner gently cleanse hair and provide it with loads of hydration. Best of all, WEN Cleansing Conditioner will actually undo years of damage caused by exposure to harsh chemicals found in commercial hair care products.

Find more details on YouTube about WEN Hair.

Employee Reputation Management: Recognizing The Risk

It must have been with absolute horror that Wendy’s management saw an infamous picture of one of their employees floating through the Internet. Said employee had taken a picture of himself dressed in a Wendy’s uniform and clearly in the back office of a Wendy’s restaurant drinking from a bottle of liquor. He had captioned the picture “Gettin’ lit at Wendy’s”. He also had a clearly intoxicated expression on his face in the picture.

It should come as no surprise that this employee was fired from his job, but some of the damage was already done. That picture is now easy to find all throughout the Internet and clearly does not show the fast food establishment in the best light by far. This is why more and more business owners are now concerned with employee reputation management.

A major reason why companies do background checks on their potential hires is to look for the signs of someone who may cause them grief going forward. It is true that the companies do not want convicted felons working for them, but it is also the case that they have to concern themselves with what any given employee may do to their reputation as a company.

Some of the types of people who may not get a job from certain companies are people with criminal records (particularly sex offenders and drunk drivers), those who have a poor record of reporting to work on time, those who have negative reports from previous employers, and even those who post too frequently on social media.

People who post too often on social media, particularly about work, can be a risk to the reputation of the company they work for. You can just never know what is going to be displayed on their Facebook or Twitter feed next, and that is a serious issue.

Screening people out ahead of time is not about being mean to them, it is about looking for the troublemakers and getting them as far away from the business as possible before it is too late. Every business owner should think about things like this when they are working on their hiring processes.


Mike Baur Establishes Swiss Startup Company To Aid Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Every business has to start somewhere. Even the biggest companies started out as just an idea somebody had and decided to implement it. However, dreaming of starting your own business can be flowery, but putting it into action can be tough. Businesses need resources and capital to be able to get off the ground, and that can be hard if you don’t have a sugar daddy to provide for you. Well, fortunately, there are people out there who once started their own business and who know the tricks of the trade to be able to help you launch your startup!


Mike Baur is one such person who had the idea of establishing a business to help other people with their businesses. As an entrepreneur, he knew the struggles and difficulties a businessperson can face while trying to make a living for himself. His company, Swiss Startup Factory was established keeping in mind the needs of various businesses.


These days, numerous people are leaning towards starting up their businesses instead of ‘working for the man.’ The younger working generations are more ambitious than ever and prefer being their boss rather than having a boss. However, with these ambitions, it is easy to get sidetracked and lost in the overhaul of things that having a business entails, which can lead to devastating outcomes. That’s when companies like Swiss Startup Factory come in to ensure that startups grow in the right direction.


Mike Baur realized that business owners need more than just a monetary incentive to start their businesses. People looking to start their businesses need the guidance and knowledge as to what they can and can’t do about business. A lot of elements need to come together to be able to establish a successful business, and Swiss Startup Factory aims to help its clients with just that. Right from marketing to accounts management, the Swiss Start-Up Factory educates and provides valuable information to people looking to get their business up and running.


Since its establishment in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factor has been a guiding light for numerous small businesses. The number of companies that have become successful owing to the Swiss Startup Factory is enormous, solely because of the positive guidance that Mike has envisioned his company to give their clients.


Mike Baur is no stranger to wanting to help newcomers into the world of business. Before establishing the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike used to judge a reality tv show called ‘Start.’ The show entailed people coming up and showcasing their idea for a business venture, for a chance to win a grand prize and investment opportunities for their company. Through these endeavors, Mike has helped numerous people achieve their dreams and goals of having their company.

The History Of The DAMAC Group And Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the owner, Chief Executive Officer, and Executive Chairman of Damac Group, which is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He earned his Bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington in Seattle. Sajwani briefly worked for a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, GASCO, before deciding to found his own company.

In 1982 Hussain Sajwani founded Draieh Management Services Co LLC, which after a period of time was called DAMAC Group. The company started out as a catering service with operations across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the Far East, the Indian subcontinent. Today DAMAC Group is a far more diverse company with luxury property developments, insurance, education, and trading activities in addition to its ongoing industrial catering services. According to Forbes, Hussain Sajwani is worth $3.7 billion.

One of Hussain Sajwani’s greatest property developments is just miles from Dubai. The development is set on 964 acres and features luxury condos, mansions, apartments and condos along with its own high-end retail development. Situated in the middle of the property is an 18 hole golf course that DAMAC Group developed along with The Trump Organization. The course is called the Trump World Golf Club, Dubai and was designed by Tiger Woods. Altogether there are about 42 million square feet of development on this project and it will be worth billions of dollar upon completion.

Hussain Sajwani has partnered with many luxury brands with his developments. Among the prestigious brands are Fendi, Bugatti, and Versace. He also runs a promotion where the purchasers of his apartments during the month of January receive a free BMW or Lamborghini. During another promotion, he essentially gave a free vacation to Dubai in order to entice Chinese buyers to reserve an apartment.

Besides DAMAC Group Hussain Sajwani has also been involved with a number of other companies. Among these is Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG, for which he serves as Chairman. He also holds large shareholder interests in a number of firms including Global Logistics Services Co., Al Atilia Insurance Company, and Taiba Kuwait Holding Company KSCC.

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Bob Reina Knows His Success Comes With Great Responsibility

Bob Reina, founder and CEO of award winning company Talk Fusion, has lived his life by a mantra, “With great success comes greater responsibility”. Throughout Reina’s life, he has lived by this very statement and all that it stands for. Reina once served as a police officer, helping his local community in every way possible.

He noticed a void in the market when it came to emailing videos and set out on a mission to change that. Thus he created Talk Fusion, a digital communications company that can help people and business’s connect and share their message.

Reina has not taken his success lightly. He dedicated his company to helping people through his amazing associate program. Talk Fusion Associates become part of a special family where they get the training and ability to reach financial goals they never thought possible, and the opportunity is available around the world in over 140 countries.

Reina himself has stayed involved in the world, and as he has found more success, he has offered more to the world. He is the giver of a record-breaking donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also personally been involved in life saving changes for numerous animals. He is also a big donor to and Indonesian orphanage.

Along with his personal mission to change lives for the better, he is sharing his giving spirit for all his Talk Fusion Associates. Bob Reina knows that once people give and see how easily they can change lives, they will continue on that mission.

In order to further this cause, Reina allows all his associates to give a Talk Fusion custom account, the best package the company offers, to the charity of their choice. This opportunity can help charities reach more people and help them grow their charities in order to help more people.

George Soros’ Investment in the Welfare and Business of the New Migrants

Billionaire investor, political activist and philanthropist George Soros came back to the political process during the 2016 presidential election after spending several years on the sidelines. In true Soros’ fashion, he took the process very seriously, committing tens of millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Investopedia, which ultimately won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote to Donald Trump.

A New Commitment

Part of what has reinvigorated George Soros’ political commitment is his concern over the migrant crisis in Europe and its impact on the stability of the countries people are leaving, as well as the countries that are hosting the immigrants (whether by their own choice or not).

As a Hungarian immigrant who fled Europe as a teen during World War II and survived the siege of Budapest in 1945, George Soros is highly sympathetic to the plight of today’s migrants. It is Soros’ feeling that the west has failed to offer any workable policies on Forbes to help deal with the masses of people fleeing war-torn countries, and this failure has lead to an even greater rise in human misery and political instability. There is much more that can be done to help with the crisis, according to Soros, and he is wiling to make a real commitment towards making positive change in the situation.

A $500 Million Investment

Anyone who knows George Soros knows he always puts his money right where his mouth is. As far as making an impact on the migrant situation on, Soros is committed in a real way, to the tune of $500 million. Soros’ plan is to invest in startups as well as established companies that are working to make a difference in the lives of immigrants. He will also look at investing in companies that have been founded by refugee and migrant people themselves. It is his hope that other investors will join in and also invest in companies that are working to improve the situation for immigrants.

In Soros view, governments still need to play a large and active role in improving the lives of immigrant people, “by creating and sustaining adequate physical and social infrastructure.” He also noted, however, that there is huge power in the private sector to change the situation, and that investors should see this as an opportunity to work for change while also having a part in potentially profitable business opportunities.

Now, with a new administration coming into Washington, Soros’ dedication to democratic principles is more fired up than ever, and he is more motivated to invest in improving the lives and business prospects of the growing immigrant population.