Andrew Rocklage: From Being a Legal Professional to Owning a Trampoline Park

Andrew Rocklage is one of the brightest emerging entrepreneurs in Boston. Despite the fact that he is not yet 40, Mr. Rocklage has created a name for himself as a serious entrepreneur through his work at Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

He founded the business in September 2015 and has grown it to become of the most popular indoor trampoline parks in the country.

At first, it seemed that Andrew Rocklage would have a long and successful career in law. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School. This is in addition to a B.S. Sports Management and Economics degree that he had earlier been awarded by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

After graduating with his law degree, Mr. Andrew Rocklage first worked as a legal intern at a number of organizations including the Boston Red Sox and later Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He impressed at both companies and was promoted to the Ticket Services Associate while at the Boston Red Sox and later legal consultant while at Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

After leaving Cubist, he joined famed law firm Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C. He was at the firm for four short months before deciding to leave for another established law firm Avert, Dooley & Noone. After approximately half a year at the company, Mr. Rocklage went back to being a legal consultant. Only this time it was for biopharmaceutical giant EPIRUS.

While at the company, it was noted that in addition to the sound legal advice that he offered, Mr. Rocklage possessed a business acumen level far beyond average. As such, he was promoted to the position of Corporate Counsel. He held this title until he left the world of employment in late 2015.

Throughout his professional and entrepreneurial career, Andrew Rocklage has remained true to innovation. His decision to leave the employment as a law professional and launch a recreational business may have been interpreted as poor one by many at the time he was beginning.

He, however, had the foresight to predict what the business could grow into and what strategies would be needed to get it there.

One of the strategies he has concentrated on is prudent customer service. Any customer walking into Sky Zone Trampoline Park is assured of friendly and helpful treatment from the establishment’s staff.

Given the often extremely challenging nature of his professional endeavors, Mr. Rocklage does like to take a break from time to time. Despite being overwhelmingly loyal his hometown and current residence, Boston, one Mr. Rocklage’s favorite pastimes is traveling.

He enjoys meeting and interacting with people from diverse cultures and countries. There is no doubt that embracing others’ outlooks throughout his various travels will come in handy when he inevitably takes his entrepreneurial exploits international.

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The Revolutionary Marc A. Sparks

Marc Sparks is a self-accomplished entrepreneur who is based in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Sparks has vast experience gained from his past experiences which started way back in the insurance industry. He has made a lot of investments from then; some of which materialized, while others bounced. The man chooses to view everything from a positive perspective and uses his experiences to mentor and train upcoming entrepreneurs. Learn more:


Marc Sparks has not only built his personal life using his entrepreneurial skills but also the lives of the people around him. He seeks to connect clients and business owners and thus started up a program known as Marketing Sparks. The program is ideal for upcoming and existing entrepreneurs as it offers them a chance to meet experts in their field of specialization, interact with them as they learn on how to maneuver the market. They also undergo intense training sessions that help them make prudent decisions when indulging in business investments and also exchange ideas on various business ideas. Learn more:


The renowned philanthropist has an inner drive to see firms grow and develop. He, therefore, uses one of his many companies to test a business idea brought forth to ensure that it is viable and has a good chance of thriving if invested in. having tested a business idea and deemed it viable, Mark Sparks provides the cash required to start up the business. Through this, he has been able to see many business ideas through inception stage to a fully grown and developed enterprise. Despite his numerous achievements, Marc Sparks never slides back into his comfort zone. He continues to meticulously scan the environment for any opportunities that may arise. Learn more:


He recently took a keen interest in wineries and their locations. He holds that a comfortable work environment goes a long way in supporting the growth of the business. The environment in which the business is located should be conducive enough depending on the type of business you are involved in. just like the dominant man in the game, it is paramount for all entrepreneurs to never be comfortable with whichever they have been able to achieve. Mr. Sparks believes that one must keep on being innovative because the business environment is also greatly dynamic. Your clients are the sole purpose of the firm’s existence and as such you always have to improve your products and services to suit their changing needs.


Finally, he advises in the strongest possible terms that an entrepreneur who is not willing and brave enough to take smart risks is bound to lose. Risks come hand in hand with fulfillment and are inevitable in the life of any given entrepreneur.


End Citizens United Focuses on Ending Dark Money in Politics

The United States political machine has been particularly beholden to special interests, corporate lobbyists, and dark money since the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United. Citizens United is a conservative group that essentially argued for the right to be bribed by big money backers during the election season. The Supreme Court, for no good reason in our mind, heard their argument and opened the doors for dark money in politics. Capital Hill has not been the same ever since. A political action committee aptly named End Citizens United has been working hard ever since in order to try and undo the damage caused by the disastrous decision and now their work seems to be getting new energy and motivation.


End Citizens United was established by Tiffany Muller with the core goal of making their name a reality. Muller wanted to put together a team of people who could invigorate the voting public to start the process of getting a constitutional amendment in place to overturn Citizens United. Obviously this is a huge objective and a long trek so it is going to take prolonged excitement and interest to happen. With the election of Donald Trump to the White House and the increasingly clear connection between his campaign and Russia, people are more motivated and angry than ever. This has turned End Citizens United into one of the more popular grassroots Political action committees around.


Over the first quarter of 2017 the team at End Citizens United saw incredible numbers come pouring into their PAC. Through the first quarter of 2017 the team raised nearly $4 million in total contributions off of 100,000 donations. Of these donations nearly 40,000 people were first time donors. While this is hard to parse for people who don’t pay attention to politics, a big increase in first time donors is a sign that people are becoming increasingly motivated to make change. Muller says that these donors primarily feel, “the system is rigged against them, where those can write the biggest checks get the biggest say.”


When it comes to making change in Washington D.C. you need to have legislators on your side. That is why Muller and End Citizens United have been making the rounds endorsing important political figures who have agreed to fight for ending big money in politics at a legislative level. Most recently End Citizens United decided to stand behind Senator Heinrich of New Mexico.


Senator Heinrich has been one of the leading SIC members during the Russia-Collusion hearings and he has always been a vocal opponent of dark money in politics. End Citizens United’s endorsement of Senator Heinrich will help him big time during the upcoming re-election campaigns in 2018.


Whitney Wolfe Gives Daters Some Friends

One thing that people need to face is that the dating world is a hard world to operate. As a matter of fact, it can be quite brutal to people that aren’t ready.

While there are dating apps that people can swipe on, there are tons of things that people are not prepared for when it comes to online dating. This is why Whitney Wolfe has designed an app for people to meet friends. The fact of the matter is that people need friends when it comes to dating. They need to support each other through the frustration of the dating world.

Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram.

Whitney Wolfe has made a huge impact in the social world with Bumble BFF. One thing that she realized is that people not only have to be careful with the people they date but also the friends they meet. There are a lot of questionable characters in the world. Therefore, it is important to exercise a lot of care and wisdom when it comes to meeting people. Bumble BFF makes it easier for people to weed through all of the questionable characters and mismatches and find someone who they can get along with. Whitney Wolfe has shown a lot of thought in what she is bring to the social world.

Whitney Wolfe was inspired to bring forth Bumble BFF when she realized that she had a lot more support than some people did. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has developed a compassion for people who are not so fortunate with friends. This is where the BFF extension comes in. Whitney Wolfe also realizes that it can be hard for some people to make friends. Bumble BFF takes away all of the hard parts of making friends and lets people find the people that are worth associating. They can also do things with one another.

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The Rising Star of Jim Tananbaum

The healthcare sector is quite cut throat. There are numerous perils that face companies operating in the sector. Companies have to wait for considerable amounts of time to acquire regulatory compliance. Additionally, the fact that they deal with hu8man lives means that the litigation risk faced by healthcare companies is significantly high. Therefore, when a man is associated with 21 successful healthcare organizations, it is something to be noticed. This man is Jim Tananbaum.

Jim currently heads Foresite Capital Management, a company he founded about seven years ago. The company particularly focuses its investment efforts on late-stage products.

Additionally, products that are considered disruptive are also looked upon favorably. Jim particularly seeks out such investment opportunities because they have low risk and high returns. His former job before joining Foresite was serving as the managing director of Prospect Venture Partners. He served in the position for close to a decade and was among its founding partners. In total the company held about $1 billion for the purpose of investing project financings. Before that he had founded Theravance, working as its CEO for close to three years. Together with the related Theravance Biopharma, the two companies have an estimated net worth of $2.75 billion. Again before that Jim was one of the partners at Sierra Ventures. Before that, he was at GalTex where he had grown sales from a few million to billions. As a result, the company was soon bought for $1.6 billion.

Jim’s brilliance as an investor should not come as a surprise given the quality of education he received. Between 1981 and 1985 he studied at Yale University, graduating with a B.S, and B.S.S.E.over the next five years he studied at bot MIT and Harvard. He was awarded his Master of Science, HST at MIT and Doctor of Medicine degree at Harvard Medical School. He then decided to complete his MBA at the familiar Harvard Business School, graduating in 1991.

Jim sits on the President’s Advisory Board at Yale University. He also serves as an advisor for Harvard-MIT HST program. Visit Medium to know more.

If he continues at the current rate, Jim Tananbaum will no doubt grow to become the biggest investor in the health sector. Visit

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Richard Mishaan: Interior Designer Using Culture as Inspiration

Richard Mishaan is one of the most sought after interior designers in New York. His work includes a combination of antiques and vintage items being complimented by the use of strong colors, patterns and ornaments coming from different cultures and eras. Richard Mishaan, being a top interior designer, has made it to several publications which focuses on the field, like AD 100 and Elle Décor. He is also a writer, being able to release a number of books like “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”. These books proved to be successful when they were released in the United States.


The latest project of Richard Mishaan was his entry for the Kip’s Bay Boys and Girls Club Decorator Show House. He decorated a library and a grand salon by using items that he found on antique shops. These items were from different periods of history, and he arranged them inside the room to look as if it is a giant museum. Then, he added the ornaments and painted the whole room in a color that would suit it the most. It resulted in a room that depicts time travel mixed in with different cultures – paintings coming from the Renaissance are being displayed alongside 18th century furniture, partnered with ornaments coming from different continents. The work of Richard Mishaan attracted a lot of attention, and he was praised for his talent.


Richard Mishaan believes that traveling is a way on how to get more ideas. He loves every type of culture, and would love to meet new people from different places. He also loves to read about history books, and through opening his mind about what happened in the past and what the culture of the people back then was, he is able to create a masterpiece that so many people would appreciate. He expressed that he will still experiment on new things to further develop his skill.

Cameron Clokie: Innovative Scientist, Surgeon And Entrepreneur

About Cameron Clokie:

Doctor Cameron Clokie is known best for being a surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur. For three long and consecutive decades, Dr. Cameron Clokie was engaged in academic dentistry and clinical practice. He is best known for his role as CEO of Induce Biologics Inc.: a company focused on discovering new and different solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction.

Although shortly retiring from his academic practices in 2017, Dr. Clokie was named as Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. In 1998 Dr. Clokie obtained the prideful title as the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. As for his title as a scientist, Dr. Clokie has obtained big positions on several different companies boards of scientific advisory thanks to his medical discoveries. Learn more about Cameron Clokie::

About Induce Biologics Inc.:

Induce Biologics Inc. is focused on the science of regenerative medicine. The goal of the company is to provide innovation on the field of musculoskeletal reconstruction for a new approach to muscle regrowth. Based in Toronto, Canada, Induce Biologics Inc. is developing bio implants for bone restoration and new growth. Establishing implants that contain bone morphogenetic protein and the right doses could potentially speed up bone regrowth at safe speeds.

Cameron Clokie’s outreach to society:

Doctor Clokie has immensely contributed to the scientific and medical world.

One of Dr. Clokies most named accomplishments was repairing the worlds first jawbone with BMP: otherwise known as bone morphogenetic protein. To collect a small grain of just 3 milligrams of protein to use in the surgery, Cameron Clokie was faced with the task of grinding the arms and leg bones of 40 cadavers.

Figuring that would not be commercially approved, Dr. Clokie relied on a biotech firm that produced BMP in the cells of Chinese Hamsters. Dr. Clokie has completed numerous jaw reconstructions since with the use of his discovery regarding bone reconstruction using BMP.

Besides his successful bone reconstruction discoveries, Cameron Clokie has gotten involved and educated society with his many writings. Most of his internationally published works have been on the topic of his studies and research regarding regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction.

Founder of Iconic Beauty Brand Lime Crime Shares Do Deere Shares Her Secrets

The very beautiful and talented Doe Deere shared her morning routine in an interview. In her own words, she described how she woke up at 8:30 am every morning after ensuring that she got at least nine hours of sleep, which she feels is a major factor in keeping her skin clear. Describing herself as a morning person, she always starts her day by drinking a tall glass of water so as to ensure that she stayed hydrated.


She then proceeds to do some stretching exercises, after which she goes ahead and has breakfast that quite often comprises of grits, a kind of cereal, as well as yogurt, fruit and orange juice. One important rule that she follows is to keep her mornings of what she calls digital information-email and stuff, as she wants to focus on creativity rather than routine administrative matters that she can attend to through the day.


While doing her makeup, she likes listening to music, and the Beatles happen to be her current favorites. She uses Glossier face-wash as she loves its smell of roses. Her favorite moisturizer has to be Murad Hydro Dynamic quenching essence. For foundation, she prefers either L’oreal’s True Match Foundation or Mac’s Studio Fix. As a matter of fact, she is planning to introduce her own foundation quite soon.


In any case, the mission of her company Lime Crime is to revolutionize the way is makeup is done, starting from the way that consumers shop for it, and the way that they use it. Already Lime Crime has achieved iconic status in the social media and digital space. The trends set by Lime Crime routinely break the Internet. Of course, quality and standards are always accorded the top priority at Lime Crime.


One of their most spectacularly successful products is undoubtedly the Blue Unicorn lipstick. Lime Crime is popular because it encourages individuals to be fearlessly creative in their fashion choices. Apart from being an iconoclast fashion brand Lime Crime is environmentally friendly too with it having been certified as vegan and cruelty fee by PETA and Leaping Beauty.


Lime Crime seeks to provoke and shake up things and make them very enjoyable. Being staid and boring is not for them. Always the one to take feedback from everyone who will give it to her-employees, customers, and detractors, she sincerely believes that cosmetics are a form of self-expression that is free and carefree, not bound by conventions.

The very name Lime Crime is indicative of this- cosmetics the color of lime that is so bright and expressive that wearing these might be tantamount to a crime. Truly Do Deere and her cosmetics brand Lime Crime are a class apart.


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OCC: An Unexpected Giant Killer

Orange Coast College can be seen as the premier junior college in the Orange County region. It is located in Costa Mesa, and is the third largest in Orange County, California. Since 1947; it has been an exquisite institution, with 25,000 students a semester. The majority of the students are enrolled in the college’s Technical programs, but having a majority of commuters; the college has less a social life than a four year university.

The college is a two year, community college, but it is competitive in rowing; placing higher than a majority of four year colleges. In 2017, the OCC rowing team went for their 12th national title. For this team, it is nothing new. They are seen as a “giant killer” and this stands grounds to them. At 5:30 am, assistant coach Steve Morris jumps into his car and leaves from Rancho Santa Margarita to Newport Harbor.

This is a routine action, as the team will commute from August until May; training to meet their goals of excellence including time, detail, and commitment. Morris understands the commitment of this demanding sport: he has even made a compromise with his family that has brought him back into a sport that can take tolls on one’s familiar life.

OCC is a community college, but it has an elite mantra. Morris is just one of many that recognizes this. The current head coach; Cameron Brown, appreciates this scenario as he was recruited from Oklahoma City University, a four year institution.

In the Orange County Register, he was quoted saying “you’ve got eight moving parts and everyone has to work together. It’s not just the physical development, but the mental maturation as well.” Many players at OCC have struggled before coming to this program, but have found their place. The work ethic and teamwork continue to prepare them for something bigger. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Practicing over 20 hours weekly, OCC will compete this week against universities with double the training. However, there is a reason why this team can compete with the best; recent OCC rowers have gone on to competing for UC Berkeley, University of Washington, and Stanford.

Many of these athletes attribute their success to the training at OCC. Athletes such as 19 year old John Kinnear know this and they have learned to utilize intense training in a yacht busy harbor. Teamwork has taught them that anything is possible.

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The Latest From The Orange Coast College Rowers

The Orange Coast College rowers are preparing for the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta 2017. This will be organized on 27th & 28th May in Gainesville, GA. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

They are practicing at the boathouse that is located in Newport Beach. It starts with a morning workout that is done in Newport Bay. The crew assistant coach is Steve Morris. Then they row for 2000 meters in Newport Bay.

It is quite clear that they are putting in a lot of effort. They are sweating, and their muscles are aching as their 60-foot yellow boat is cutting through the water. The average speed presently is about 25 miles an hour. Besides, all these Orange Coast College students are highly excited as they practice in their carbon fiber boat for the competition.

After all, rowing is a sport that is a combination of power and grace besides unity. The Orange Coast College is not very well-known today. It is leaving Orange County on May 25 in order to compete in the Nationals that will be held at Lake Lanier, Ga. The excitement of the students indicates the innate competitive spirit in them that is going to help them in moving forward.

The captain of this team is Daniel Amado. He is 22 years old. He is a graduate of the Los Alamitos High School. He used to row there. This is where he broke his disk in the back. He returned to the sport only a year back!

He states that rowing has made him so strong that he was able to bounce back. He is planning to join back his team at the University of Washington. He talks about the physical as well as mental skills that are gained by this game that is able to allow you to overcome almost anything in your life.

Steve Morris is the assistant coach who leaves his house at 5.30 a.m. to drive six days a week from Rancho Santa Margarita to the Newport Harbor. He starts the practice at 6:30 a.m. sharp. This is why he makes sure that he arrives early. This sport has become a part of his DNA now. He says that he likes the aesthetics and the rhythm of this sport as each person has to do the exact thing at the exact time. He is a former student of Orange Coast College.

The Orange Coast College boathouse is known as the David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center. It is lined with neatly stacked gleaming boats. These are expensive boats as many of them cost as much as $55,000. The walls are lined with red and white national title flags. Besides, there are photos of the previous teams displayed here to take people back in time.

The Orange Coast College was born 60 years ago. Since then, it has earned 11 national titles. This includes the one earned last year too.

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