The USHEALTH advisors- the best for insurance packages

The USHEALTH Advisors is a national seller and distributor of health insurance plans to families, self-employed and small company owners and operate under the umbrella of USHEALTH group.

According to Crunchbase, the USHEALTH advisors has its base in Fort Worth Texas and depends on Freedom Life Insurance Company of America to help provide accident & disability, specific illnesses, and innovative life insurances to the groups mentioned earlier.

Their affordable packages have assisted in building a name for the insurance group hence their potential to attract over 15 million clients within the 50 years it has been in operation.

The company fully recognizes their customers and hence provides insurance packages that are flexible and reliable to all regardless. If for instance, you are on a limited budget, the company`s plans are not limited to a particular time for saving, because you easily get to enjoy the first dollar benefit.

If you are a high profile in the community and need some specialized form of an insurance package, the USHEALTH group through their advisors are always at your back and call to advice recommend and provide you with the package.

The USHEALTH advisors are key players in the USHEALTH group family since they play the field role of outsourcing, advising and assisting clients in selecting one of their many products. The advisor’s agents are chosen from a bunch of applicants and trained before they receive certification to represent the insurance company to the clients.

The commitment exhibited by these agents have helped position the company among the global leaders in business growth, customer care, and innovation.

Positive energy from the clients who have gone through the hands of the USHEALTH Advisors is an exact definition of how professional the company is. They offer services that are way above average hence their consistent registration of new individuals and families who are in dire need to satisfy their insurance needs. Learn more about US Health Advisors: and

The USHEALTH Advisors is slowly turning to be a favorite for most people seeking employment thanks to their conducive employee environment and high compensations plan spiced up with the daily commissions the agents enjoy.

More services are made available in the company`s offices along Shiloh road. They have an excellent customer service that recently received an accolade for being the most reliable in the states.

If for instance, you want to pass a claim, you receive immediate attendance a virtue that makes the USHEALTH advisors agents be sought more than any other insurance agency.


With the deal already closed, Goettl is expected to solidify its presence in Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix among other California locations. The deal is also aimed to expand Walton’s presence beyond what its owner Todd Longbrake had achieved so far. The family owned Walton’s HVAC Company had so far done much in trying to expand, only to fall short of expansion. The deal was arrived at after ongoing negotiations from 2015, and Walton’s showed great joy in having Ken Goodrich’s Goettl partnership.Just a few years after the partnership, the two companies have jointly achieved great profits, and Goettl’s Longbrake took over field supervisor and sales management roles. Todd has risen to organizational leadership within the entire organization and assimilated a perfect working culture. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Walton’s Air and Heating HVAC Company was going through an ongoing stagnation.Despite the closure of the partnership years ago, the deal has been proclaimed lately due to few operational issues and marketing complications within the Walton’s. There was the need to take care of all issues before making the partnership formal and through a mutual trust; the two Companies have overcome their partnership acquisition obstacles. Check out for more.

Despite Walton’s stagnation, Goodrich perceived the Company’s similar family values and background and identified how the company presented the perfect platform for mutual growth.As a result of the partnership, the two companies now have 306 employees who have completed 200 company project jobs with the largest Company markets found in Phoenix and Tucson.Jointly, the two organizations aim to take Goettl to the national level, with recent expansions aimed to reach Texas and northern California by 2018. For more details visit Business Press.

About Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning is a pioneer industry in the heating and cooling sector. The company lives up to its legacy which began in nineteen thirty nine after the first evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC unit to battle the severe desert temperatures was developed by Gust and Adam Goettl. You get more value for your money when you work with us. The company has highly skilled and certified technicians provide premium products and services. Each Goettl technician is Sadie Licensed after passing through drug and background tests. It’s your chance to contact Goettl and receive real value for your money.

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Andrew Rocklage: From Being a Legal Professional to Owning a Trampoline Park

Andrew Rocklage is one of the brightest emerging entrepreneurs in Boston. Despite the fact that he is not yet 40, Mr. Rocklage has created a name for himself as a serious entrepreneur through his work at Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

He founded the business in September 2015 and has grown it to become of the most popular indoor trampoline parks in the country.

At first, it seemed that Andrew Rocklage would have a long and successful career in law. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School. This is in addition to a B.S. Sports Management and Economics degree that he had earlier been awarded by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

After graduating with his law degree, Mr. Andrew Rocklage first worked as a legal intern at a number of organizations including the Boston Red Sox and later Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He impressed at both companies and was promoted to the Ticket Services Associate while at the Boston Red Sox and later legal consultant while at Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

After leaving Cubist, he joined famed law firm Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C. He was at the firm for four short months before deciding to leave for another established law firm Avert, Dooley & Noone. After approximately half a year at the company, Mr. Rocklage went back to being a legal consultant. Only this time it was for biopharmaceutical giant EPIRUS.

While at the company, it was noted that in addition to the sound legal advice that he offered, Mr. Rocklage possessed a business acumen level far beyond average. As such, he was promoted to the position of Corporate Counsel. He held this title until he left the world of employment in late 2015.

Throughout his professional and entrepreneurial career, Andrew Rocklage has remained true to innovation. His decision to leave the employment as a law professional and launch a recreational business may have been interpreted as poor one by many at the time he was beginning.

He, however, had the foresight to predict what the business could grow into and what strategies would be needed to get it there.

One of the strategies he has concentrated on is prudent customer service. Any customer walking into Sky Zone Trampoline Park is assured of friendly and helpful treatment from the establishment’s staff.

Given the often extremely challenging nature of his professional endeavors, Mr. Rocklage does like to take a break from time to time. Despite being overwhelmingly loyal his hometown and current residence, Boston, one Mr. Rocklage’s favorite pastimes is traveling.

He enjoys meeting and interacting with people from diverse cultures and countries. There is no doubt that embracing others’ outlooks throughout his various travels will come in handy when he inevitably takes his entrepreneurial exploits international.

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The Revolutionary Marc A. Sparks

Marc Sparks is a self-accomplished entrepreneur who is based in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Sparks has vast experience gained from his past experiences which started way back in the insurance industry. He has made a lot of investments from then; some of which materialized, while others bounced. The man chooses to view everything from a positive perspective and uses his experiences to mentor and train upcoming entrepreneurs. Learn more:


Marc Sparks has not only built his personal life using his entrepreneurial skills but also the lives of the people around him. He seeks to connect clients and business owners and thus started up a program known as Marketing Sparks. The program is ideal for upcoming and existing entrepreneurs as it offers them a chance to meet experts in their field of specialization, interact with them as they learn on how to maneuver the market. They also undergo intense training sessions that help them make prudent decisions when indulging in business investments and also exchange ideas on various business ideas. Learn more:


The renowned philanthropist has an inner drive to see firms grow and develop. He, therefore, uses one of his many companies to test a business idea brought forth to ensure that it is viable and has a good chance of thriving if invested in. having tested a business idea and deemed it viable, Mark Sparks provides the cash required to start up the business. Through this, he has been able to see many business ideas through inception stage to a fully grown and developed enterprise. Despite his numerous achievements, Marc Sparks never slides back into his comfort zone. He continues to meticulously scan the environment for any opportunities that may arise. Learn more:


He recently took a keen interest in wineries and their locations. He holds that a comfortable work environment goes a long way in supporting the growth of the business. The environment in which the business is located should be conducive enough depending on the type of business you are involved in. just like the dominant man in the game, it is paramount for all entrepreneurs to never be comfortable with whichever they have been able to achieve. Mr. Sparks believes that one must keep on being innovative because the business environment is also greatly dynamic. Your clients are the sole purpose of the firm’s existence and as such you always have to improve your products and services to suit their changing needs.


Finally, he advises in the strongest possible terms that an entrepreneur who is not willing and brave enough to take smart risks is bound to lose. Risks come hand in hand with fulfillment and are inevitable in the life of any given entrepreneur.