Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties Achievement

Hussain Sajwani who is DAMAC owner is a respected person throughout the world and in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani is someone who is well-educated since he attained his degree from the University of Washington and after completing his university education, he was recruited by Gasco where he served as the contract manager. The parent company for Gasco is the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Hussain Sajwani has entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, he was not happy with being employed. Consequently, he started his own business in food. Hussain Sajwani is a visionary man, and through his company, he was able to acquire many customers even including serving the U.S. Army. Hussain Sajwani also collaborated with other firms such as Bechtel to provide quality services.


Hussain Sajwani is known across the world for his excellent work. He is even a friend to the U.S president Donald Trump, and after interaction with Trump, Hussain Sajwani family was invited in New York during the New Year’s Eve celebration. It is during this event that president Donald Trump gave a lengthy speech. During this speech, he gave a lot of praises to Hussain Sajwani and hinted that they would do business together. Also, the president and Sajwani worked closely with Trump during the construction of the Trump International Golf Club.


They were able to generate $ 2 billion in sales from the expensive villas. Hussain Sajwani also said that he was happy and willing to continue working with Trump together with his children Donald Jr and Eric Ivanka. It is because the president would not engage directly in business because of the position he holds in leadership which could lead to conflicts of interests.


Hussain Sajwani is the holder of DAMAC Properties which is a successful company that has been working on various projects. The company has expanded to many parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan. Since the company started, it has delivered over 18,000 homes and continued to work for more. The company is the leading when it comes to the development of luxury buildings. The company has succeeded because of the employees who are talented and hard working. Also, the leadership of Hussain Sajwani is essential in seeing the development of the company.


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Boraie Development Effective Support for Both the Film and Construction Sector

Through the linking of Boraie Development with the Free Summer Movies Series and Provident Bank Foundation were able to fund the movies at the State Theatre that currently entertained people of New Jersey. Babe, Monster University, Aladdin, the Extra-Terrestrial, Frozen, and Despicable Me 2 are the main film that the theatre was able to show. Individuals had the chance to enjoy free movies with their loved ones and friends. From 1921 is when State Theatre was well-known movie place and it is located in New Jersey. Hiam Boraie as the Boraie Development’s VP stated that the real estate firm is grateful to be part of the free series that accepted people from various part of the world to interact and watch movies at the historic theatre.

According to NJBiz, Jane Kurek who is also the executive director of Provident Bank Foundation according to her they were privileged to be part of the program that made various people all over the state to relate and know each other better hence these created better rapport while enjoying themselves with the movies. Furthermore, the organizations have been able to contribute towards the Community Access Initiative whereby the project was planned by the theatre. Most importantly the main agenda of the free summer movies series is making sure that individuals have entertainment that is family friendly.

Also, the New Jersey people have been able to get free events throughout the year due to the Community Access Initiatives fundings. it has seen more than 75000 people were able to access into the summer movies series and enjoy themselves watching. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms.

Real estate industry in New Jersey is also another part that Boraie Development also plays an important role. The organization has been part of building houses for decades and has worked with different contractors, architects and financial institution in the establishment of better buildings. Boraie Development specializes mostly in property management, real estate development and also real estate marketing.

Omar Boraie is the main founder of the real estate organization. One of the best projects that the organization did was in New Brunswick which changed the city. The organization has always ensured that they provide brilliant services for four decades and they are still continuing do so up to now. At New Brunswick, the organization was first in building commercial properties and state-of-the-art residential. The development of the organization is also through the better relationship that the organizations have with contractors, suppliers, and residents of New Jersey.

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American Institute Of Architects (AIA) – A Professional Body That Governs Architectural Practice In The United States Of America

AIA (American Institute of Architects) is an accomplished body that regulates architectural experts in the USA. The organization is headquartered in Washington D.C. It offers public outreach, community redevelopment, education, and government advocacy with the aim of supporting architectural profession and at the same time improving the public image. American Institute of Architects also works with other teams such as construction managers and designers with the objective of ensuring proper business coordination in the construction industry.

According to history, AIA was founded in 1857 by a team of 13 architects. They aimed at promoting practical and scientific perfection of every member and elevate the standards of the architecture as a profession. The founding members of AIA included Edward Gardiner, Jacob Wrey Mould, Richard M. Upjohn, Henry Dudley, Fred A. Petersen, John Welch, Joseph C. Wells, Leopold Eidlitz, and Henry W. Cleaveland. Richard Upjohn was acting as the President when the organization was founded. Before the establishment of the organization, there was no schools and organizations for educating and licensing architects. Everybody used to claim to be an architect. When the members founded the group, they drafted its constitution on March 10, 1857. The constitution was registered under the name, NYSA (New York Society of Architects).

Currently, American Institute of Architects is headed by Mr. Robert Ivy. It has over 90000 accredited architects and other associated professionals. Every member of AIA is required to adhere to the professional conduct and code of ethics, which assure the public and clients that there is a commitment to high level of standards when it comes to architectural practice. In addition to the leadership of Robert Ivy, AIA is governed by Board of Directors, which comprises of more than 200 employees. Even though AIA operates as a state organization, its heart of operation remains with the local focus. It is a true reflection of the professional lives of locals. The components of service of AIA are spread throughout Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

As a national organization, AIA speaks with one voice. Even its services influence government activities, which in turn affect the quality of American life and professionalism as well. AIA monitors regulatory and legislative actions through the collective power of its membership. Most of the members of AIA participate in the decision-making processes, which involve local policymakers, state, and the federal government. To serve the interest of the public, the community-based programs that are promoted by AIA are in line with the mission of the local governments.

Samuel Strauch Uses Metrik Real Estate To Help Real Estate Investors

While real estate may be blooming into a successful venture in many parts of the world, caution must be taken when venturing into the business. Luxurious as it may be, some challenges come with being part of this ever-transforming business. That is why it is vital to be part of a mogul’s world in dealing with real estate. A real estate entrepreneur understands the values that come with being part of this business. An astute real estate entrepreneur acknowledges clients by offering the best deals ever. Such are the characteristics of the prominent Samuel Strauch.

Interview Profile

The famous IdeaMensch interviewed Samuel Strauch. In the interview, he cited that it is important to know that whatever path we take in life, it is consequential to our growth. Strauch was a student at Hofstra University. He majored in business management. He later joined Erasmus University to advance his education. This explains his dedication and resilience. As if that was not enough, he went ahead to join Harvard University. This is a symbol of persistence and charisma. It explains his journey and passion for working incredibly hard in all he does. Strauch is committed to excellence.


After school, Samuel Strauch joined the working class. He was part of the banking business for a while. It is in this field that he delved into what currently defines him. Strauch left banking to join real estate, a business that was run by his family. At this juncture, he was moved by the needs of the residents of South Florida. He realized that there was a lot to handle to complete the society that he lived in. Strauch decided to establish a business. Metrik Real Estate was born. Of course, he retained the leadership position.


In 2002, Strauch was controlling Metrik Real Estate. It is a platform that has assisted masses to attain real estate ventures in South Florida. His passion rests in knowing that many have succeeded in finding shelter and business deals. Samuel is actively involved in investing in companies as well. Through Metrik Real Estate, he has reached out to many investors through partnership offers. His idea to establish Metrik Real Estate rooted from the wave of market niche in the Miami real estate industry. Samuel Strauch realized that with a couple of strong property investors, he could plunge into a thriving business that is now his major achievement. For Strauch, hope is built on knowing that clients have the best.

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Michael Lacey’s Career and Contribution in Mathematics

American mathematician, Michael Thoreau Lacey received B.S in 1981 from the University of Texas, Austin. In 1987, he enrolled to the Urban-Champaign, Illinois University where he received his Ph. D.

Under the direction of Walter Philipp, Michael did a thesis on Banach Spaces where he provided a solution for empirical characteristics functions. In the thesis, he solved a problem associated with the law of integrated algorithm. Most of his works today are closely related to harmonic analysis, probability, and ergodic theory.

Professional Career

Michael Lacey went to Louisiana State University for his first postdoctoral position. He later went to University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where he was an assistant professor to Walter Philipp. During this time, they provided proof of central limit theorem. From 1989 to 1996, he worked at Indian University as an assistant professor where received a postdoctoral fellowship, National Science Foundation. Learn more about Madison Street Capital reputation:

It is during the fellowship tenure that Michael started studying the bilinear Hilbert Transform. The transform was Alberto Calderon’s subject of conjecture and in 1996 Michael and Christoph Thiele were able to solve it. The two were awarded with Salem Prize for their success.

From 1996, Michael has been working at Georgia Institute of Technology whereby from 1996 to 1998, he was an associate professor w/o tenure. In 1998, he was made an associate professor until 2001 when he was made a full professor.

Michael Lacey has written over one hundred publications and has received several honors including Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award, Simons Fellow, and American Mathematical Society Fellow. In 1998, Michael got 45 minutes address at the International Congress of Mathematics held in Berlin, Germany.

Other Positions

Michael Lacey has also held several short-term positions in different institutions. Among these is Helsinki University where he was a visiting professor and Oslo Norway where he was at the Center for Advanced Study.

In 2012, Michael was in IPAM for a Program in Geometric Analysis and in 2014 he went to ICERM for a Program on High Dimensional Approximation. In 2015, he had two short term contracts, one in Wallenberg Fellow in Sweden and University of Minnesota as Ordway Professor.

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Impressionable facts about Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of the most successful entrepreneurs, and his persistence and efforts have seen him accomplish a lot in his life. He has always believed in the impact of teamwork and while at Georgetown University in Washington, together with his three friends they founded the Sweetgreens eatery.

The many struggles they went through while searching for a better place to eat was the basis of the founding of the business.

The firm which is now located on M Street has become one of the major suppliers of fresh food to people and the high-quality products and services that it offers to its clients has seen it attract a vast number of customers.

Sweetgreens restaurant has established its operations in a significant number of places including NewYork city, Philaphedia, and Washington. The great management team of the firm has taken up the role to ensure that the company offers the highest quality of products to ensure that their customers rise in number. Besides, they always ensure that they purchase their products from local farmers to make sure that they are fresh.

The firm also places a high value to its customers and throws a music festival every year to increase the fun to their clients. Besides, diversity has always been part of the business, and besides it establishing the yearly music festival, the firm also offers yoga classes to all interested parties in the various areas that they operate.

Nathaniel has always been an inspiration to many people, and his commitment towards achieving the best has seen become highly successful in the food and beverage field. His great passion towards serving his customers much faster has seen him heavily rely on the use of the modern technology while conducting most of his activities as well as transactions.

Nathaniel saw the firm start up a mobile app through which their customers can easily place orders as well as conduct any operations accordingly.

Being the chief executive officer of the enterprise, Nathaniel has also played a significant role in developing high development strategies for the business. He has successfully seen the company establish its operations in over forty locations and as a result, served a vast number of customers.

Nathaniel has also successfully invested in three other companies apart from Sweetgreens and seems to be unstoppable when it comes to investing. He also spends his free time encouraging young people and also mentors them to shape up their way to success.

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