How The DACA Program Faces Extinction

Extreme right wing Republicans have been launching numerous attacks on the DACA program which has caused alarm among young immigrants to the United States. DACA, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a federal program that protects people who were brought to the United States illegally as children. As long as they meet certain criteria that are allowed to stay in America and will not be deported. They must be either attending school or have a job. If they meet the requirements they also get a social security number and have their status renewed every two years. Many states also allow DACA recipients the privilege of obtaining a drivers license and paying in-station tuition fees at colleges and universities.

The program is now in danger. Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, sent a letter to the White House asking it to rescind the DACA program. The letter also threatened legal action if this was not done. They want there to be what is called a “phasing off” of the program which means it will gradually end. Once it is ended no new applicants will be allowed to enter the program and when existing DACA recipients periods end they won’t be eligible for renewal. Nine other state attorney generals and a Republican governor also signed the letter.

The Hispanic Caucus recently met with John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in regards to the status of the DACA program. In this closed-door meeting, Kelly said that 800,000 people were being helped by the DACA program currently. He continued on to state that there were many legal challenges against the program. This was alarming to the Hispanic Caucus members and DACA recipients.

Many people have been helped by DACA since it was established. It’s also helped many others have the DACA beneficiaries work, support businesses, and pay taxes. The DACA program, which is in its fifth year, has been very successful in the mission that was set out for it. It’s ultimately a humanitarian issue as many DACA recipients only know America and know very little about where they were originally from. Many can’t even speak the language of their native country.

One organization that seeks to help DACA recipients and others in the Hispanic community is the Frontera Fund. This fund was started by two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who themselves had their rights violated by Maricopa County and the infamous former sheriff Joe Arpaio. They used the money they received in the eventual settlement in order to protect the rights of the disadvantaged including Hispanics and immigrants. They provide money to a variety of other organizations that support the rights of Hispanics and DACA recipients who now potentially face deportation.


Securus Secures the Secured

Securus Technologies operates under the mindset of a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurship is a new philosophy impacting the world. It is the belief that big businesses do not only have to be concerned about the bottom line but can use their products to influence the world with positive change. Securus Technologies does this by decreasing inmate on inmate crime while also increasing the security of the guards and the wardens.


The leading cause of death in penitentiaries is inmates assaulting other inmates. Generally, it is not just one inmate attacking another, but rather a group focusing on one vulnerable inmate. The reason that this is such a problem is that inmates can coordinate these attacks by using contraband phones, which are pervasive in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies dealt with this problem head-on by creating a product that allowed them to pinpoint the exact location of contraband cell phones the moment they connect to the cell tower. This product is called “Cell Defender.” This product is crucial because most inmates are not going to keep their contraband phones in their cells. They hide them away somewhere else in the penitentiary. However, pinpointing their location when in use was not enough.


Securus Technologies went further and created another product that can hack into and somewhat control these contraband phones. This new product can read messages sent and received, even if they have already been deleted. It allows them to view Facebook and Instagram to know what is being plotted. This still is not enough.


Securus Technologies have to shut down a contraband cell phone’s access to the internet. This is crucial because most phones do not require a plan to connect to Wi-Fi and inmates use Messenger to plan attacks. To this end, Securus Technologies has created their Wireless Containment Solutions.


Nathaniel Ru the Genius behind Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and some of his friends found trouble getting a healthy place to eat that was also easy and fun during their senior year at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. They strongly believed that the community needed an eco-friendly, healthy and delicious dining option.

They passionately believed in food that conforms to your taste, your budget, your imagination and your values. They developed the idea of finding a solution in the downtown area in a 560 square-foot tavern on M Street. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

They successfully convinced a D.C. landlord despite their inexperience and their great idea saw the opening of the first store of the type in D.C. They named the business Sweetgreen, and the store has since grown and expanded to 21 locations in the main cities including Chicago, California and several other towns.

Although Sweetgreen’s aim was to availing a place of getting a locally sourced salad, their intent extends further. The stores have the intention of connecting their customers so that they can have a good reason to eat at Sweetgreen and not just the desire of eating their food.

The store strives t maintain its core values, commitment, and community outreach. These are some of the things that they hope would make it stand out in the minds of customers who want to have ease and fun at the place that they eat and shop at as well.

Nathaniel Ru firmly believes in innovative locations and service design. Ru makes Sweetgreen a standout by locating the store outside of areas that are full of fast food outlets. Nathaniel and his partners have continued developing spaces and innovations that are interesting to visit and feel welcoming.

They do this by maintaining the company’s free thinking approach to flexibility. According to Ru, they foster transparency and trust by opening the view of their kitchen so that the customers can have a clear view of the meals being prepared.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru attended Georgetown University where he graduated with a BS in Finance in 2007. He co-founded Sweetgreen in 2007 immediately after graduation together with two other Georgetown graduates. Nathaniel and his college friends successfully set up Sweetlife, which is currently the region’s biggest food and music festival in 2010.

The event features both high profile and cutting edge artists with more than 20,000 attendees. Food trucks, Farmers, top chefs and local purveyors also attend this big event. Sweetlife adopts good living, sustainability, health and well-being, and the community as a whole just like Nathaniel and co.’s other restaurants.