The Top Female Entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry – Doe Deere

About Doe Deere


Doe Deere is a bubbly individual who is also known as the ‘Queen of Unicorns’ for her love of the beauty and brightly colored makeup. She is an entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of a makeup line which is called Lime Crime. Doe Deere was born in Russia but moved to New York where she grew up and attended fashion school before establishing her company. What’s more, she is a pacesetter in the makeup industry as she was one of the very first females to open a makeup line in 2008.


About Lime Crime Products


The company operates in Los Angeles and specializes in bright, colorful, certified, vegan, and cruelty- free cosmetics. The first of its collection involved the eyeshadows, glitter, primers, and blushes which went for $ 12 when she was starting. Further, she gained her customer base when she embarked on a marketing strategy of posting makeup tutorials on a blog. Today some of the products include nail polish, eye-shadow palettes, hair dyes, loose pigments, rainbow-colored liquid liners, glittered lip gloss and the most coveted products of all is the criminal lipsticks. Moreover, Lime Crime has more variety of its products that can be found on their website and Instagram pages.


How Doe Deere Started Her Business -Lime Crime


Doe Deere started off in business when she was designing her independent clothing line. She had acquired an online store for her clothes when an idea crossed her mind to start a makeup line to match her outfits. The idea was triggered by the fact that there were no exact bright colors that she needed to complement the outfits she modelled. Doe Deere loves fairy tales and makeup, and so she felt the need to come up with the cruelty-free makeup brand.


Doe Deere established Lime Crime in 2008 and became a market leader in the sale of the intensely uniquely colored cosmetic. The company’s mission was to revolutionize the makeup industry and which it did well. Another factor was that the company pioneered the online sale of the cosmetics that boosted its sales. Doe Deere had opened an online platform on eBay in 2004 for her DIY cloth line fashion under the name Lime Crime. Today, besides the online platform, the cosmetic products are readily available in most the retail shops in the U.S. and internationally.


Furthermore, though Doe Deere studied and practiced fashion at the start, she felt a stronger liking for the beauty sector. It was when she decided to pursue her passion that she chose to open Lime Crime and has never had any regret on it. Again, she has acquired so many customers such that the company’s Instagram page has accumulated more than three million followers. Learn more:


The ‘Queen of Unicorn’ is also very attentive to listen to her employees and feedback from customers as she believes it’s what helps to generate new business. Doe Deere believes that makeup should be what makes you happy and the fact that she established a vegan brand is what distinguished her brand from others which makes Lime Crime a niche in itself. Additionally, the business also supports women children and is involved in charities geared to animal rescue-operations as its CSR.

Securus Technologies Recently Announced Some Exciting News

Robert Pickens, the President of Securus Technologies, shared some exciting news with the public recently. The company announced that they have purchased GovPayNet. If you aren’t aware, GovPayNet is a company that processes digital payments for government needs of payment. GovPayNet accepts credit and debit card payments. Some of the things they accept payments for are probation fees, court fines and fees, electronic monitoring fees, and many other fines that need to be paid to the government.


Robert Pickens was very excited to inform people of this new business that they will be able to offer to them. One of Securus’ goals is to expand the types of business that they provide to their customers so that they can supply a variety of things to their customers. The acquisition is GovPayNet has gotten Securus one step closer to reaching their goal.


GovPayNet was founded by a former sheriff officer. The officer was interested in helping the government process payments in different forms. The company has been doing very well for themselves. They are already affiliated with more than 3,000 agencies across the country and they already have processed millions of payments for their customers throughout the years.


If you aren’t familiar with Securus’ services, Securus is a technology company that specializes in providing inmate communications for inmates that are located in prisons and jails in some parts of Canada and throughout the entire United States. Securus currently services more than one million inmates in the country. The company has received lots of attention from the BBB and they are know for their A+ rating that they have received from the BBB. For Securus, they will continue to work hard and to provide their customers with nothing but the best when it comes to customer service and quality of serviced provided!


Home Creations with Todd Lubar

As time changes, so do other things. This includes how entrepreneurs become successful and how they make life better not only for themselves but also for others.

Entrepreneurs come from different walks of life; there are some who were born with money so starting a business or a venture is not that hard since financial capitalization is taken of the equation. There are also others who come from a working-class family whose highest ambition is to provide a good education for their children which would help them start on their own. For more details visit to see more.

To be an entrepreneur in this day and age, one must have the following personal traits:

Persistence – never give up no matter how difficult everything is; manage every roadblock with diligence.

Dedication – find short term and long term solutions for the goals you want to accomplish.

Modestly Self-Assured – avoid too much self-confidence. Learn to listen to others because a good leader is also a good follower.

Transparency – be open and clear about what you want and how you want to do it. It is important to remember that your actions and decisions as an entrepreneur also affect others. Check out page for more.

Inquisitiveness – continuously seek for answers to questions that are asked or are yet to be asked.

Presenting Todd Lubar. Todd Lubar earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. He worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation from 1995 to 1999. As of this time, Lubar is TDL Global Venture’s President. He facilitated the company’s growth by expanding its capacity to sell, profit, purchase and rehabilitate family homes.

And in his line of work, he was able to foster deep and lasting relationships with all the people within the building industry that allowed him to create the best homes within a very limited time.

As for his success, Todd Lubar said that hard work is a part of it but most of all it is the way he handles his company. Todd always makes sure that he knows what is happening in all the aspects of the business. And he listens to the millennials by often taking into consideration the people who work for him.

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