Larkin and Laceys Magnanimity Boosts Hispanics

The criminal contempt charge slapped on former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in mid-2017 had his rivals celebrating as the fitting retribution to his misdeeds.

The opponents of Arpaio started rejoicing from day one when his bid for a seventh term flopped in November 2016. More than seeing a powerless Arpaio the rivals were waiting to see the moment when the sheriff goes to jail. But such dreams were short-lived as the presidential pardon came his way.

Now the onus is on Frontera Fund and others to fight the consequences of the dark policies of Arpaio. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Re-elected six times, the 85-year-old Arpaio had been in the top job for 24 years. He was in the limelight not only in Arizona but many parts of the country.

Presidential Pardon for Human Rights Violator

Belying the expectations of his detractors, Arpaio came out unscathed after obtaining a Presidential pardon by Donald Trump whom Arpaio backed during the birther movement against Barack Obama pointing to his birth outside America.

The pardoning by the president will remove the jail term for the ex-sheriff despite his atrocities on Hispanics and Latinos.

Frontera Fund to Defend Illegal Immigrants

The human rights violations spearheaded by Arpaio and company eventually led to the formation of Frontera Fund by media people Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who wanted a platform to ensure justice to the Hispanic community against civil rights and racial abuses in Arizona.

Maricopa houses a massive population of Latino and Hispanic people hailing from Mexico and other Latin American countries. Arpaio can go to any extreme in ill-treating illegal immigrants, whom he considers as a problem for the society.

That is why the sheriff and his team had no conscience prick in violating civil rights of illegal immigrants as if the sheriff is above the law.

Court Steps in

However, the court punctured Arpaio’s arrogance. The U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow in Dec 2011 issued a preliminary injunction against the Sheriff and his Office. The order highlighted many actions of blatant civil rights abuses.

Despite the judge’s diktat, Arpaio went ahead with the profiling program and provoked the Judge who ruled in mid-2013 that Arpaio and his office had been doing racial profiling. Arpaio pleaded innocence and said it happened because of the wrong interpretation of the term.

But evidence proved that the sheriff flouted the court ruling intentionally.

Rejecting his alibi for misinterpretation, district judge Susan Bolton sentenced Arpaio for criminal contempt dealing a second blow to him after the loss of the seventh bid for re-election.

Intolerance to Media

Not only illegal immigrants, Arpaio’s wrath did not spare even the critics. Local paper Phoenix New times came at the receiving end of Arpaio for publishing news on his excesses.

The action of Arpaio’s allies in pressurizing the attorney’s office to direct the submission of details of the paper’s management became a scoop of the local paper.

Before the dust settled on the cover story, the sheriff had his retaliation. In October 2007, armed commandos of Arpaio’s Enforcement Unit swooped down the homes of executives Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey attached to the Village Voice Media.

But jailing of the media personnel triggered public outburst, and the men were released within hours.

Flawed Arrest of Media People

The arrest was a clear violation of the First Amendment rights at the behest of Arpaio. The long legal battle by Larkin and Lacey finally led to a court order that dubbed the detention untenable sans any cause. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Asking to pay a $3.7 million as a settlement to Larkin and Lacey, the court rendered justice to the two media officials.

But the highlight was the noble act of Larkin and Lacey in spending the money to form the Frontera Fund than putting the money in their bank account.

How The DACA Program Faces Extinction

Extreme right wing Republicans have been launching numerous attacks on the DACA program which has caused alarm among young immigrants to the United States. DACA, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a federal program that protects people who were brought to the United States illegally as children. As long as they meet certain criteria that are allowed to stay in America and will not be deported. They must be either attending school or have a job. If they meet the requirements they also get a social security number and have their status renewed every two years. Many states also allow DACA recipients the privilege of obtaining a drivers license and paying in-station tuition fees at colleges and universities.

The program is now in danger. Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, sent a letter to the White House asking it to rescind the DACA program. The letter also threatened legal action if this was not done. They want there to be what is called a “phasing off” of the program which means it will gradually end. Once it is ended no new applicants will be allowed to enter the program and when existing DACA recipients periods end they won’t be eligible for renewal. Nine other state attorney generals and a Republican governor also signed the letter.

The Hispanic Caucus recently met with John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in regards to the status of the DACA program. In this closed-door meeting, Kelly said that 800,000 people were being helped by the DACA program currently. He continued on to state that there were many legal challenges against the program. This was alarming to the Hispanic Caucus members and DACA recipients.

Many people have been helped by DACA since it was established. It’s also helped many others have the DACA beneficiaries work, support businesses, and pay taxes. The DACA program, which is in its fifth year, has been very successful in the mission that was set out for it. It’s ultimately a humanitarian issue as many DACA recipients only know America and know very little about where they were originally from. Many can’t even speak the language of their native country.

One organization that seeks to help DACA recipients and others in the Hispanic community is the Frontera Fund. This fund was started by two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who themselves had their rights violated by Maricopa County and the infamous former sheriff Joe Arpaio. They used the money they received in the eventual settlement in order to protect the rights of the disadvantaged including Hispanics and immigrants. They provide money to a variety of other organizations that support the rights of Hispanics and DACA recipients who now potentially face deportation.


Securus Secures the Secured

Securus Technologies operates under the mindset of a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurship is a new philosophy impacting the world. It is the belief that big businesses do not only have to be concerned about the bottom line but can use their products to influence the world with positive change. Securus Technologies does this by decreasing inmate on inmate crime while also increasing the security of the guards and the wardens.


The leading cause of death in penitentiaries is inmates assaulting other inmates. Generally, it is not just one inmate attacking another, but rather a group focusing on one vulnerable inmate. The reason that this is such a problem is that inmates can coordinate these attacks by using contraband phones, which are pervasive in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies dealt with this problem head-on by creating a product that allowed them to pinpoint the exact location of contraband cell phones the moment they connect to the cell tower. This product is called “Cell Defender.” This product is crucial because most inmates are not going to keep their contraband phones in their cells. They hide them away somewhere else in the penitentiary. However, pinpointing their location when in use was not enough.


Securus Technologies went further and created another product that can hack into and somewhat control these contraband phones. This new product can read messages sent and received, even if they have already been deleted. It allows them to view Facebook and Instagram to know what is being plotted. This still is not enough.


Securus Technologies have to shut down a contraband cell phone’s access to the internet. This is crucial because most phones do not require a plan to connect to Wi-Fi and inmates use Messenger to plan attacks. To this end, Securus Technologies has created their Wireless Containment Solutions.


Nathaniel Ru the Genius behind Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and some of his friends found trouble getting a healthy place to eat that was also easy and fun during their senior year at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. They strongly believed that the community needed an eco-friendly, healthy and delicious dining option.

They passionately believed in food that conforms to your taste, your budget, your imagination and your values. They developed the idea of finding a solution in the downtown area in a 560 square-foot tavern on M Street. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

They successfully convinced a D.C. landlord despite their inexperience and their great idea saw the opening of the first store of the type in D.C. They named the business Sweetgreen, and the store has since grown and expanded to 21 locations in the main cities including Chicago, California and several other towns.

Although Sweetgreen’s aim was to availing a place of getting a locally sourced salad, their intent extends further. The stores have the intention of connecting their customers so that they can have a good reason to eat at Sweetgreen and not just the desire of eating their food.

The store strives t maintain its core values, commitment, and community outreach. These are some of the things that they hope would make it stand out in the minds of customers who want to have ease and fun at the place that they eat and shop at as well.

Nathaniel Ru firmly believes in innovative locations and service design. Ru makes Sweetgreen a standout by locating the store outside of areas that are full of fast food outlets. Nathaniel and his partners have continued developing spaces and innovations that are interesting to visit and feel welcoming.

They do this by maintaining the company’s free thinking approach to flexibility. According to Ru, they foster transparency and trust by opening the view of their kitchen so that the customers can have a clear view of the meals being prepared.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru attended Georgetown University where he graduated with a BS in Finance in 2007. He co-founded Sweetgreen in 2007 immediately after graduation together with two other Georgetown graduates. Nathaniel and his college friends successfully set up Sweetlife, which is currently the region’s biggest food and music festival in 2010.

The event features both high profile and cutting edge artists with more than 20,000 attendees. Food trucks, Farmers, top chefs and local purveyors also attend this big event. Sweetlife adopts good living, sustainability, health and well-being, and the community as a whole just like Nathaniel and co.’s other restaurants.

Boraie Development LLC: Aspiring to Great Heights

40 years ago, Omar Boraie emigrated from Egypt to the US to get his PhD in Chemistry. He was drawn to real estate and that’s how his life changed course. Downtown New Jersey was ruined by the 1968 race riots. New Brunswick was especially dilapidated, a ghost town. Omar, therefore, embarked on a journey to make downtown New Jersey and the city as a whole into a metropolis. With the support of the Mayor, fellow developers and other residents, the Boraie Development has turned New Brunswick into a beautiful town with exceptional architecture like the Aspire. Recently the company collaborated with Shaquille O’Neal in a real estate development project, see There is always something unique coming up when Boraie Development is at the wheel.

Things Looking Up

New Jersey has had the highest rates or foreclosure and underperforming properties in the recent past according to an article on However, this trend has been on a downward spiral. According to, this fact is credited to more employment in the city. Job creation and housing demand seem to consistently complement each other. The more jobs there are, the more houses are needed. A higher demand for houses brings with it a need for personnel. Mortgage rates are also relatively low, which makes home ownership attractive. These facts also explain the rising property prices and rents. This positive direction of the real estate industry in New Jersey should stay on course if the focus remains on resolving shortage and impending affordability crisis. Towns near the New Jersey Transit Station are a favorite for discerning homeowners. These towns have a high demand and great properties in stock.

A-Class Properties

Boraie Development LLC is a well sought after developer in New Jersey. The company seeks to provide all-inclusive service with a focus on all aspects of urban real estate. Boraie Development manages and develops property and then markets and sells them. With Boraie Development steering the deal, one is assured remarkable properties and outstanding service. Omar Boraie prides his company in engaging time conscious architects and contractors with a clear vision. Projects by Boraie Development LLC attract the strongest, most committed financial institutions and partners. Having sold commercial and residential properties worth millions of dollars, Boraie Development LLC shows no sign of slowing down. Neither does the man at the helm, Omar Boraie. Mr. Boraie is simply a titan in the real estate industry.

Igor Cornelsen Has Tried Investment Strategies

Since Igor Cornelsen is a good businessman, he knows the right way to do investments. He has invested in the stock market, in the way things are going and in other opportunities throughout Brazil. Learn more about Igor Cornelson: and

Cornelsen knows what he needs to do to make things better for himself so he continues to do them in every way possible. Throughout his career, Igor has tried to always make things easier on himself.

The good thing is his hard work has paid off for him. Now, he has made millions of dollars. He is worth a lot of money, but he still spends a lot of time investing because he knows that is the only way he will be able to keep making money in the future.

Igor wants to be as successful as possible, and that means he’ll have to keep making good investment decisions on his own to help other people.

There have not been many changes to the way Igor Cornelsen invests. He likes to take his time but he also understands the importance of taking risks in investing. He has taken all the right risks and most of them have paid off. Igor likes to know what the risks are. Then, he carefully weighs whether they will be worth it or not.

If he does not know what the risks are, he won’t be able to show people what they can do on their own. He also won’t make an investment if he doesn’t know about the risks because of all the issues that come with the investing process. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

Even when things continued to change in the Brazilian market, Igor Cornelsen kept working on investing. He didn’t let anything get him down. It can be difficult to invest in a market that is failing, but Igor knew he would be successful.

By not letting the economy play a negative role in his investment strategies, Igor knew what he was going to be able to do. He also knew things would get better for him if he could make all the right choices on his own without issues that came from other areas.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties Achievement

Hussain Sajwani who is DAMAC owner is a respected person throughout the world and in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani is someone who is well-educated since he attained his degree from the University of Washington and after completing his university education, he was recruited by Gasco where he served as the contract manager. The parent company for Gasco is the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Hussain Sajwani has entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, he was not happy with being employed. Consequently, he started his own business in food. Hussain Sajwani is a visionary man, and through his company, he was able to acquire many customers even including serving the U.S. Army. Hussain Sajwani also collaborated with other firms such as Bechtel to provide quality services.


Hussain Sajwani is known across the world for his excellent work. He is even a friend to the U.S president Donald Trump, and after interaction with Trump, Hussain Sajwani family was invited in New York during the New Year’s Eve celebration. It is during this event that president Donald Trump gave a lengthy speech. During this speech, he gave a lot of praises to Hussain Sajwani and hinted that they would do business together. Also, the president and Sajwani worked closely with Trump during the construction of the Trump International Golf Club.


They were able to generate $ 2 billion in sales from the expensive villas. Hussain Sajwani also said that he was happy and willing to continue working with Trump together with his children Donald Jr and Eric Ivanka. It is because the president would not engage directly in business because of the position he holds in leadership which could lead to conflicts of interests.


Hussain Sajwani is the holder of DAMAC Properties which is a successful company that has been working on various projects. The company has expanded to many parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan. Since the company started, it has delivered over 18,000 homes and continued to work for more. The company is the leading when it comes to the development of luxury buildings. The company has succeeded because of the employees who are talented and hard working. Also, the leadership of Hussain Sajwani is essential in seeing the development of the company.


Follow Hussain Sajwani on twitter.

Boraie Development Effective Support for Both the Film and Construction Sector

Through the linking of Boraie Development with the Free Summer Movies Series and Provident Bank Foundation were able to fund the movies at the State Theatre that currently entertained people of New Jersey. Babe, Monster University, Aladdin, the Extra-Terrestrial, Frozen, and Despicable Me 2 are the main film that the theatre was able to show. Individuals had the chance to enjoy free movies with their loved ones and friends. From 1921 is when State Theatre was well-known movie place and it is located in New Jersey. Hiam Boraie as the Boraie Development’s VP stated that the real estate firm is grateful to be part of the free series that accepted people from various part of the world to interact and watch movies at the historic theatre.

According to NJBiz, Jane Kurek who is also the executive director of Provident Bank Foundation according to her they were privileged to be part of the program that made various people all over the state to relate and know each other better hence these created better rapport while enjoying themselves with the movies. Furthermore, the organizations have been able to contribute towards the Community Access Initiative whereby the project was planned by the theatre. Most importantly the main agenda of the free summer movies series is making sure that individuals have entertainment that is family friendly.

Also, the New Jersey people have been able to get free events throughout the year due to the Community Access Initiatives fundings. it has seen more than 75000 people were able to access into the summer movies series and enjoy themselves watching. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms.

Real estate industry in New Jersey is also another part that Boraie Development also plays an important role. The organization has been part of building houses for decades and has worked with different contractors, architects and financial institution in the establishment of better buildings. Boraie Development specializes mostly in property management, real estate development and also real estate marketing.

Omar Boraie is the main founder of the real estate organization. One of the best projects that the organization did was in New Brunswick which changed the city. The organization has always ensured that they provide brilliant services for four decades and they are still continuing do so up to now. At New Brunswick, the organization was first in building commercial properties and state-of-the-art residential. The development of the organization is also through the better relationship that the organizations have with contractors, suppliers, and residents of New Jersey.

See more:

American Institute Of Architects (AIA) – A Professional Body That Governs Architectural Practice In The United States Of America

AIA (American Institute of Architects) is an accomplished body that regulates architectural experts in the USA. The organization is headquartered in Washington D.C. It offers public outreach, community redevelopment, education, and government advocacy with the aim of supporting architectural profession and at the same time improving the public image. American Institute of Architects also works with other teams such as construction managers and designers with the objective of ensuring proper business coordination in the construction industry.

According to history, AIA was founded in 1857 by a team of 13 architects. They aimed at promoting practical and scientific perfection of every member and elevate the standards of the architecture as a profession. The founding members of AIA included Edward Gardiner, Jacob Wrey Mould, Richard M. Upjohn, Henry Dudley, Fred A. Petersen, John Welch, Joseph C. Wells, Leopold Eidlitz, and Henry W. Cleaveland. Richard Upjohn was acting as the President when the organization was founded. Before the establishment of the organization, there was no schools and organizations for educating and licensing architects. Everybody used to claim to be an architect. When the members founded the group, they drafted its constitution on March 10, 1857. The constitution was registered under the name, NYSA (New York Society of Architects).

Currently, American Institute of Architects is headed by Mr. Robert Ivy. It has over 90000 accredited architects and other associated professionals. Every member of AIA is required to adhere to the professional conduct and code of ethics, which assure the public and clients that there is a commitment to high level of standards when it comes to architectural practice. In addition to the leadership of Robert Ivy, AIA is governed by Board of Directors, which comprises of more than 200 employees. Even though AIA operates as a state organization, its heart of operation remains with the local focus. It is a true reflection of the professional lives of locals. The components of service of AIA are spread throughout Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

As a national organization, AIA speaks with one voice. Even its services influence government activities, which in turn affect the quality of American life and professionalism as well. AIA monitors regulatory and legislative actions through the collective power of its membership. Most of the members of AIA participate in the decision-making processes, which involve local policymakers, state, and the federal government. To serve the interest of the public, the community-based programs that are promoted by AIA are in line with the mission of the local governments.

Samuel Strauch Uses Metrik Real Estate To Help Real Estate Investors

While real estate may be blooming into a successful venture in many parts of the world, caution must be taken when venturing into the business. Luxurious as it may be, some challenges come with being part of this ever-transforming business. That is why it is vital to be part of a mogul’s world in dealing with real estate. A real estate entrepreneur understands the values that come with being part of this business. An astute real estate entrepreneur acknowledges clients by offering the best deals ever. Such are the characteristics of the prominent Samuel Strauch.

Interview Profile

The famous IdeaMensch interviewed Samuel Strauch. In the interview, he cited that it is important to know that whatever path we take in life, it is consequential to our growth. Strauch was a student at Hofstra University. He majored in business management. He later joined Erasmus University to advance his education. This explains his dedication and resilience. As if that was not enough, he went ahead to join Harvard University. This is a symbol of persistence and charisma. It explains his journey and passion for working incredibly hard in all he does. Strauch is committed to excellence.


After school, Samuel Strauch joined the working class. He was part of the banking business for a while. It is in this field that he delved into what currently defines him. Strauch left banking to join real estate, a business that was run by his family. At this juncture, he was moved by the needs of the residents of South Florida. He realized that there was a lot to handle to complete the society that he lived in. Strauch decided to establish a business. Metrik Real Estate was born. Of course, he retained the leadership position.


In 2002, Strauch was controlling Metrik Real Estate. It is a platform that has assisted masses to attain real estate ventures in South Florida. His passion rests in knowing that many have succeeded in finding shelter and business deals. Samuel is actively involved in investing in companies as well. Through Metrik Real Estate, he has reached out to many investors through partnership offers. His idea to establish Metrik Real Estate rooted from the wave of market niche in the Miami real estate industry. Samuel Strauch realized that with a couple of strong property investors, he could plunge into a thriving business that is now his major achievement. For Strauch, hope is built on knowing that clients have the best.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: