Boraie Development LLC: Aspiring to Great Heights

40 years ago, Omar Boraie emigrated from Egypt to the US to get his PhD in Chemistry. He was drawn to real estate and that’s how his life changed course. Downtown New Jersey was ruined by the 1968 race riots. New Brunswick was especially dilapidated, a ghost town. Omar, therefore, embarked on a journey to make downtown New Jersey and the city as a whole into a metropolis. With the support of the Mayor, fellow developers and other residents, the Boraie Development has turned New Brunswick into a beautiful town with exceptional architecture like the Aspire. Recently the company collaborated with Shaquille O’Neal in a real estate development project, see There is always something unique coming up when Boraie Development is at the wheel.

Things Looking Up

New Jersey has had the highest rates or foreclosure and underperforming properties in the recent past according to an article on However, this trend has been on a downward spiral. According to, this fact is credited to more employment in the city. Job creation and housing demand seem to consistently complement each other. The more jobs there are, the more houses are needed. A higher demand for houses brings with it a need for personnel. Mortgage rates are also relatively low, which makes home ownership attractive. These facts also explain the rising property prices and rents. This positive direction of the real estate industry in New Jersey should stay on course if the focus remains on resolving shortage and impending affordability crisis. Towns near the New Jersey Transit Station are a favorite for discerning homeowners. These towns have a high demand and great properties in stock.

A-Class Properties

Boraie Development LLC is a well sought after developer in New Jersey. The company seeks to provide all-inclusive service with a focus on all aspects of urban real estate. Boraie Development manages and develops property and then markets and sells them. With Boraie Development steering the deal, one is assured remarkable properties and outstanding service. Omar Boraie prides his company in engaging time conscious architects and contractors with a clear vision. Projects by Boraie Development LLC attract the strongest, most committed financial institutions and partners. Having sold commercial and residential properties worth millions of dollars, Boraie Development LLC shows no sign of slowing down. Neither does the man at the helm, Omar Boraie. Mr. Boraie is simply a titan in the real estate industry.