George Soros has lived a wonderful life

George Soros has lived quite the life. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 to a Jewish family. He endured a difficult childhood, as he constantly ran up against fascists and their far right wing, anti-Semitic allies. When World War II broke out, and the Germans invaded Hungary, Soros and his family went underground and disguised themselves as gentiles. To be Jewish in those days meant to be marked for mass killing.

Soros’ father accomplished this by obtaining forged documents to give the family new identities. After the Germans were defeated and World War II came to a close, the trials and tribulations continued on The Soros family found themselves on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. Their country, Hungary, came under Soviet domination and was dictatorially ruled by the country’s Communist party.

Soros found a way out when he immigrated to London, England to attend college. He studied at the famed London School of Economics where he soon discovered what would bring him fame and quite a good deal of fortune: financial markets. Soros had an uncanny feel for currency trading. After the London School of Economics, Soros was off to New York, where, starting in 1956, he worked on Wall Street. He was also able to bring over his parents to the United States, freeing them from Communism.

Today, years later, the financial markets have transformed him into a very wealthy man, indeed. He currently stands in 35th place in Forbes’ list of the richest people in the world. He’s a billionaire many times over.

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But Soros has never forgotten his humble roots. He donates large portions of his wealth every year to fund civil society in authoritarian countries.

Today, Soros has cast his focus onto Burma, am Asian country living under a harsh dictatorship. He’s also given generously to Democratic and liberal groups in the United States. Moreover, he’s inserted himself into politics by helping fund John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign against George W Bush, and Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign against John McCain. See:

This has brought on the ire of the conservative faction in American politics. Fox News, the U.S.’s largest right wing media outlet, has devoted specials to George Soros, where they’ve slandered him. But George Soros remains unfazed. The Fox News media personality that has led the charge is Glenn Beck. He’s jarringly taken Soros’ support of democratic revolutions against dictatorships in Eastern Europe to mean that Soros’ wants to bring about a revolution in the United States. Beck’s critics contend that this is anti-Semitism. Beck twists around Soros’ words and takes them out of context.

Many people see Beck not as a newsman but as an entertainer on They say, consequently, that he’s not bound to serious journalistic convention of fairness and accuracy. But his words remain extremely irresponsible.