Employee Reputation Management: Recognizing The Risk

It must have been with absolute horror that Wendy’s management saw an infamous picture of one of their employees floating through the Internet. Said employee had taken a picture of himself dressed in a Wendy’s uniform and clearly in the back office of a Wendy’s restaurant drinking from a bottle of liquor. He had captioned the picture “Gettin’ lit at Wendy’s”. He also had a clearly intoxicated expression on his face in the picture.

It should come as no surprise that this employee was fired from his job, but some of the damage was already done. That picture is now easy to find all throughout the Internet and clearly does not show the fast food establishment in the best light by far. This is why more and more business owners are now concerned with employee reputation management.

It is true that the companies do not want convicted felons working for them, but it is also the case that they have to concern themselves with what any given employee may do to their reputation as a company.

Some of the types of people who may not get a job from certain companies are people with criminal records (particularly sex offenders and drunk drivers), those who have a poor record of reporting to work on time, those who have negative reports from previous employers, and even those who post too frequently on social media.

People who post too often on social media, particularly about work, can be a risk to the reputation of the company they work for. You can just never know what is going to be displayed on their Facebook or Twitter feed next, and that is a serious issue.

Screening people out ahead of time is not about being mean to them, it is about looking for the troublemakers and getting them as far away from the business as possible before it is too late. Every business owner should think about things like this when they are working on their hiring processes.