Whitney Wolfe Gives Daters Some Friends

One thing that people need to face is that the dating world is a hard world to operate. As a matter of fact, it can be quite brutal to people that aren’t ready.

While there are dating apps that people can swipe on, there are tons of things that people are not prepared for when it comes to online dating. This is why Whitney Wolfe has designed an app for people to meet friends. The fact of the matter is that people need friends when it comes to dating. They need to support each other through the frustration of the dating world.

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Whitney Wolfe has made a huge impact in the social world with Bumble BFF. One thing that she realized is that people not only have to be careful with the people they date but also the friends they meet. There are a lot of questionable characters in the world. Therefore, it is important to exercise a lot of care and wisdom when it comes to meeting people. Bumble BFF makes it easier for people to weed through all of the questionable characters and mismatches and find someone who they can get along with. Whitney Wolfe has shown a lot of thought in what she is bring to the social world.

Whitney Wolfe was inspired to bring forth Bumble BFF when she realized that she had a lot more support than some people did. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has developed a compassion for people who are not so fortunate with friends. This is where the BFF extension comes in. Whitney Wolfe also realizes that it can be hard for some people to make friends. Bumble BFF takes away all of the hard parts of making friends and lets people find the people that are worth associating. They can also do things with one another.

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