Finding a Good Lawyer – Jeremy Goldstein as the Perfect Example

There are many reasons people look for lawyers mostly being to handle criminal cases, help with tenant-landlord issues and sometimes to draft up your will. Regardless of what your motivations are, you need to know which lawyer to go for when in need of any legal assistance.


New Yorkers now have a simple, new, and convenient way to find a lawyer that is experienced to handle all legal issues. The New York state bar association has a new referral system that was launched to offer an online service. This confidential service is available for anyone seeking the assistance of an attorney 24 hours a day. More often than not people seek the assistance of an attorney when they are under stress. With this new system, they can be assured that they will be matched with the right lawyers. The system ensures that only lawyers that are in good standing get referred to individuals seeking help. The president of the New York State bar assures individuals that they will be matched to the right attorneys.


The New York State Bar Association partnered with Legal i.o to create this new referral service. This redefined system helps lawyers get their businesses out there while assisting clients to access quality legal services at a fraction of the price. To access the services the individual has to visits the website and fill in details in a questionnaire. The state bar will then refer an appropriate lawyer in the location of the client based on the information provided in the questionnaire. In case the client is outside the 17 state jurisdiction then the state bar refers them to the respective state bar. Clients are charged 35 dollars for consultation for the first 30 minutes with the lawyer although referrals are free.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned lawyer. Jeremy has been at the forefront of assisting clients in different areas. To do so professionally, he started a legal firm by the name JEREMY l. Goldstein & Associates LLC.


Jeremy Goldstein speaks in different forums. He is a qualified lawyer with enough experience especially in matters of compensation.


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