Arthur Becker has a Long History of Success

Arthur Becker has made several successful ventures into both the real estate and early stage Bio Tech industries. He is CEO and Chairman of Zinio as well as the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, an investment firm. As of late the incredible investor has reportedly been pursuing a business venture that could turn both the real estate and technology circles on their “heads.” The reports, even if not true are believable because Becker has a history of investing in great ideas. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Becker normally focuses most of his attention on developing and renovating townhouses with the intent to later sell or lease them. His prowess in doing so has made his name the topic of conversation in real estate gossip across the world. His business has grown exponentially since its founding and has expanded to include locations in both New York and Florida.

Becker’s business origin is simpler than most would think. He got his start with NASDAQ quoted company NaviSite in 2003. He served as CEO during his time with the company. He continued to work on the technology side of the business prior to establishing Madison Partners, LLC, which became his first foray into the real estate side of the business. He just had a natural talent for business. He invested in multiple profitable ventures very early on in his career.

When you’re as successful as Becker is, everyone wants to know how you did it. Becker attributes his many successes to hard work, unrelenting focus, and timing. Luck also plays a small factor, but at the end of the day no ingredient to success in any aspect of life is accomplished without hard work.

Authur Becker Personal Life

Arthur Becker is the former husband of world renowned fashion designer Vera Wang. The two divorced in 2012, ending a 23 year marriage. While married, Becker was a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company.

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Bruno Fagali – A Man Of Big Goals And Ethics

Brazil is seeing rapid growth, and that calls for a high demand of people to join the working industry to keep the country going. Bruno Fagali is one of those people and he has soared above and beyond simply preforming a job.

Fagali began his career journey when Brazil was a different country. It was smaller and had a completely different system of government. Bruno Fagali decided that he wanted to focus on ethics and laws, a field that has shown much growth over the years. He began as an intern at Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns where he worked with civil cases. He moved on to two more law firms, Maessco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law firm as well as Tojal, Teixeira, Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Associate Lawyers.

Bruno Fagali got his first official position as a lawyer in 2012 with Radi ,Calil e Associados Law. There he worked on public civil action, administrative appeals, contracts and other forms of public law.

Bruno Fagali went on to become a Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova/sb, a new company that focuses on ethics and has won many awards for their practice of fighting corruption. In 2016, he went on to open his own law firm, Fagali Law. He is popular with the people in his country for his practices of fighting to help others, even those who cannot afford his services. He has proven that he truly cares about people and does what he can to help them gain what is fair to them.

As for the future, Fagali has big plans. He hopes to start opening more locations for his law firm to be able to offer service to even more customers. He is also working to start excelling in other areas of law practice. He has proven that he is always striving for the next level, not just for himself, but for those that are counting on him to fight for their rights and justice.

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