Founder of Iconic Beauty Brand Lime Crime Shares Do Deere Shares Her Secrets

The very beautiful and talented Doe Deere shared her morning routine in an interview. In her own words, she described how she woke up at 8:30 am every morning after ensuring that she got at least nine hours of sleep, which she feels is a major factor in keeping her skin clear. Describing herself as a morning person, she always starts her day by drinking a tall glass of water so as to ensure that she stayed hydrated.

She then proceeds to do some stretching exercises, after which she goes ahead and has breakfast that quite often comprises of grits, a kind of cereal, as well as yogurt, fruit and orange juice. One important rule that she follows is to keep her mornings of what she calls digital information-email and stuff, as she wants to focus on creativity rather than routine administrative matters that she can attend to through the day.

While doing her makeup, she likes listening to music, and the Beatles happen to be her current favorites. She uses Glossier face-wash as she loves its smell of roses. Her favorite moisturizer has to be Murad Hydro Dynamic quenching essence. For foundation, she prefers either L’oreal’s True Match Foundation or Mac’s Studio Fix. As a matter of fact, she is planning to introduce her own foundation quite soon.

In any case, the mission of her company Lime Crime is to revolutionize the way is makeup is done, starting from the way that consumers shop for it, and the way that they use it. Already Lime Crime has achieved iconic status in the social media and digital space. The trends set by Lime Crime routinely break the Internet. Of course, quality and standards are always accorded the top priority at Lime Crime.

One of their most spectacularly successful products is undoubtedly the Blue Unicorn lipstick. Lime Crime is popular because it encourages individuals to be fearlessly creative in their fashion choices. Apart from being an iconoclast fashion brand Lime Crime is environmentally friendly too with it having been certified as vegan and cruelty fee by PETA and Leaping Beauty.

Lime Crime seeks to provoke and shake up things and make them very enjoyable. Being staid and boring is not for them. Always the one to take feedback from everyone who will give it to her-employees, customers, and detractors, she sincerely believes that cosmetics are a form of self-expression that is free and carefree, not bound by conventions.

The very name Lime Crime is indicative of this- cosmetics the color of lime that is so bright and expressive that wearing these might be tantamount to a crime. Truly Do Deere and her cosmetics brand Lime Crime are a class apart.


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Doe Deere Has A Dream Come True With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Russian born artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere has become a phenomenal success with her Lime Crime cosmetics line. Raised in New York City since the age of 17, she has been able to overcome failure in her attempt to become a rock & roll artist and a model and fashion designer. Deere has been able to use the lessons she learned to fuel her growing company. Since she was a child she has always loved bright, unusual colors. Those bright, bold colors are the very things that have drawn a growing number of people worldwide to her makeup brand.

Doe Deere’s first foray into business was as a 13 year old. So she set about convincing them that getting a temporary tattoo was the hip and cool thing to do. Years later when she started Lime Crime cosmetics she used her much more developed marketing skills to make her handmade makeup into an international sensation. This time she didn’t have to convince her potential customers her products were cool. She simply tapped into a demand that already existed.


One of Doe Deere’s earliest dreams was to become a musician. While growing up in New York City, she and her future husband Mark formed a rock band and recorded a few albums. It was while looking for brightly colored makeup for her live shows that the Lime Crime cosmetics line started to take shape. She couldn’t find makeup the was bold and bright enough for her needs, so she decided to make some for herself. Visitors to her online makeup tutorial convinced her to offer her makeup for sale. That is how Lime Crime cosmetics was born.

Always imaginative and ambitious, Deere created a phenomenal marketing plan using some of the things she had learned as a musician. They led to her becoming a success. These days she spends a great deal of her time helping other women realize their dreams. The key advice she gives them is to develop their talents and follow their dreams even if no one else believes in them. It’s exactly what she’s done with Lime Crime cosmetics. And while the experts told her she couldn’t succeed, her countless customers worldwide feel the unique makeup helps them express their inner unicorn.

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