Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Not Afraid to Go After Amazon

Most businesses that try to get some of the share of the fashion industry pie already know not to mess with Amazon and their commanding 20% of the market. That is unless you are Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and poised to go after the giant and take a big slice of the apparel industry. Looking back over the last three years, Fabletics has commanded an impressive $250 million in sales, and the numbers appear to be heading in the right direction as she reaches a global marketplace.


Talking with Hudson about the success of her company, she credits the growth to a few key parameters. First she credits the membership platform at her company for rewarding her customers like they should be, and secondly, the reverse-showrooming process takes all the pressure off the shopper and increases the ease in which they can shop. When you are offering customers a high-quality athleisure brand with the convenience of ordering from home, you grow your brand quickly and steadily.


Hudson explains the process beginning with a woman going into the retail store in the mall. These women are actually encouraged to window-shop, no pressure by the sales associates to buy anything. Women can open a free membership and also fill out the Lifestyle Quiz so they can enhance their membership. Now all the items tried on in the store are added to the online profile whether they buy or not. later that night when home, the consumer can shop at Fabletics online and look at all the items they already tried on and adored. Now they can buy those items, similar items, or shop for other workout apparel.


In addition to free shipping and deep-discounts for members of Fabletics, they get their own personal shopper who will carefully select one item each month an add it to the account. At the top of each month, the consumer can buy the item the personal shopper selected, or refuse it and continue shopping. Nothing ships without the permission on the buyer, so this no pressure sales approach really resonates with consumers as they are making the move to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics more each year.


These high-quality pieces of active-wear are sold at low prices with free shipping and are really going to be giving Amazon a run for the money in the coming years as shoppers realize this is the best possible way to shop for clothing.

Nine9 Gives Aspiring Models and Actors Some Advantage

People that try to break into the entertainment industry often learn that there are tons of actors that do not quite make it in the industry. One thing that is certain is that there are far more actors than there are roles. This is one of the first things that models and actors learn. Then there are other issues that they have to deal with when it comes to landing a part in a project. They have to audition first. It takes plenty of auditions for actors to actually get even a small part in a role because a lot of filmmakers are very particular about how they want everything to work.

One of the most important aspects of a career in the entertainment industry is finding the right agency. Fortunately, there is Nine9. Nine9 Talent Agency is a very effective agency because the models that sign up with the agency have an easier time finding a job in the industry than other models. For one thing, they give the actors and models a lot of tips on what they can do to land the role. There are plenty of success stories of models landing roles in upcoming films of various genres with various stars such as Kevin Hart.

These days, it is important to know how to break into the industry. One of the things that people need in order to make it in the industry is connections. When one is well connected, he is going to have a better chance getting the roles that he wants. However, one can also take advantage of the expanding industry by taking part in YouTube videos or other online series that are helping break out into various mediums. Nine9 is the access that people need to the entertainment industry and a possible shot at stardom.