Copa Star Redefines The Pace Of Brazilian Healthcare Industry

Copa Star, a major hospital in Rio de Janeiro, is now redefining the Brazilian healthcare industry with world-class amenities and the best treatment options. The hospital from the famous the Rede D’Or São Luiz group of hospitals is the perfect example of quality health care with personalized services. The hospital building that is constructed along the famous Copacabana Beach is an architectural symbol of the city and resembles a five-star hotel with the amenities and the environment created inside the building. The hospital is built on a total area of 21,000 square meters, and the building spanned in seven floors with every inch shows the technological refinement and innovation. The hospital follows a smart hospitality system that enables the patient level autonomy. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The hospital grabs all the latest technologies to help the patients and their relatives with convenient solutions. Each patient bed at the hospital has an iPad for patients, and it has a specially designed app by the Copa Star installed. The app has options to control the surrounding of the patients including light intensity, temperature, air flow, controlling the window sills, etc. The patients can also demand the service of doctors or nurses through the app, and the doctors can show the test results, treatment plans, and other critical data to the patients using the app. The founder and the president of Rede D’Or, Jorge Moll confirms that the hospital opens high-quality neurosurgery and cardiac surgery options to the people of Rio.

“We made highly complex surgeries with world-class care available to the Rio residents, who usually depended on the hospitals in Sao Paulo for complex treatments,” said Jorge. The hospital management thinks about the absolute comfort of the patients and their relatives. It has constructed a separate passage for hospital staff, and this means that the patients and their relatives can freely use hospital corridors. Additionally, people won’t experience the ether – the usual smell of hospital rooms and corridors – here. Instead, people can experience a warmingly fresh air of fragrances – a healthy environment. The hospital corridors and rooms are decorated with artworks of Yutaka Toyota, a Japanese painter.

The hospital has more than 550 staff to provide dedicated service to the patients which include 113 doctors. Each new staff has to go through a two-month mandatory training to learn the complex equipment, professional etiquette, handling critical situations, etc. Rede D’Or is planning to expand the ultra-modern hospital concept to other major cities of Brazil as well and it started works for the branches in Brasilia and Sao Paulo. Rede D’Or São Luiz is established in 1977 by opening a Cardiolab unit and quickly grew, and now, it is one of the largest hospital networks in Brazil. Today, the group has 33 hospitals, and it has 4,960 beds in total. Visit their Facebook page.