Brian Bonar: The Top Gold Executive

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and also Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corp. and Trucept Inc. over the years he has worked for various companies with a really good record to his name. The places he has worked have included;

  • The Amanda Co. Inc.
  • Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc.
  • Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc.

In all of them, he was in leading positions. We can thus say that he has been really good at his job of leading the companies to success. As an executive, he is really good at what he does, and this has put him at the top as one of the best Executives of recent time.

The Executive of the Year

Brian Bonar was chosen to be Executive of The Year by Cambridge which in turn set him apart in a class of his own as a world- class leader. He was on the list that usually comprises of the list of two top male and two top female executives who are chosen each year.

Thirty Years In The Business

With about thirty years of experience to his name, Brian has had a really good career leading companies efficiently, and over time he has shown that he can get the job done. This has worked in his favor seeing that he is winning awards.

With that many years leading companies and working for them, you can be assured that he knows what he is doing.

Leading Dalrada

Dalrada Financial Corporation specializes in providing financial services to small business and helping them with the staffing, workers benefits and financial aspects of running businesses.

With Brian Bonar at the helm of this company, they have not declined but grown more and bigger. This proves that he is maintaining the company at a stable position and that his way of working with the people under him is effective.

His passion according to him is to lead high performing teams that will, in turn, deliver collaborative solutions, and he likes building the trust between the client and himself. This has made him popular in the finance world.

Alma Mater

His history in the educational pool can be summarized into these two:

  • He got a bachelor’s degree at James Watt Technical College
  • He earned his doctorate and graduated degree from Staffordshire University in the UK

Work Summary

He used to work as a manager at IBM. He then went on to direct engineering for QMS. At QMS, he was managing about 100 people. He then became a sales manager for Adaptec. He took over as the CEO of Dalrada in 1998 and became board chairman in 1999.

Right now, he is at Trucept where they provide solutions for small businesses that has the problem getting off the ground.

In Conclusion

Brian Bonar is a man of repute, and he has done a good job so far. He also loves boating.