Madison Street Capital: Acclaimed Global Leader Of M&A Transactions

Madison Street Capital has recently been shortlisted as a finalist in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The award is given to leading financial experts and firms as recognition for exemplary performance in completing financial deals, celebrating their achievements, as well as business restructuring and startup financing. Internationally recognized as a leading financial advisor, the Madison Street Capital reputation in M&A transactions is unmatched.


The firm was nominated in two categories, namely the Industrials Deal of the Year and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year-International. The first award acknowledges the role played by Madison Street Capital in the M&A transaction between Dowco, a long-term client and Acuna & Asociados S.A. The transaction was facilitated by Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital.


The firm’s founder, Charles Botchway forwards that the deal is a testament if their commitment to achieving successful transactions for all parties involved. As a cross-border agreement, it required extensive effort to ensure that it was completed. The finance professionals of Madison Street Capital work relentlessly to facilitate connections between their clients and emerging businesses. This is done to ensure growing success by satisfying the diverse needs of each customer.


About Madison Street Capital


Possessing more than 12 years of experience as a global investment banking company, Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of clients by placing emphasis on providing the highest service standards. The firm is registered with FINRA to provide professional services in financial opinions, business valuation services, raising of venture capital, corporate financial advisory services, and expertise in mergers and acquisitions.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital has expanded its operations to Africa, Asia, and throughout North America. The firm specializes in M&A transactions, but also offers corporate acquisition services through private equity stakes, startup incubator or seed capital deals and revenue-share proportioning.


Madison Street Capital focuses heavily on emerging and middle-level markets because they view these markets as the driving force for the development and success of its clients. The investment firm is committed to the success of its customers by taking up their goals and objectives as their own. Some of the aims of the clients include a transfer of ownership, successful capital collection.


Social responsibility


The leadership of Madison Street Capital is also committed to their corporate social responsibility and supports the philanthropic activities of their clients, and the firm itself. The focus of the company is to make a significant impact on the surrounding communities and other entities globally. Madison Street Capital works with organizations such as United Way to further their cause for social transformation.


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This year’s annual M&A Advisor Awards will take place on 9th November at the New York Athletic Club. M&A has announced that Madison Street Capital is a finalist in this 15th edition. They are nominees in two categories: Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and International and Industrial Deal of the Year. Since these awards are important in the financial industry, award winners can anticipate increased popularity and growth in customer base.


Madison Street Capital is an investment company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and also has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. The company offers corporate finance and governance services and advice on Mergers and acquisitions.


Their recent role in the acquisition of Acuna & Associates S.A by Dowco has earned them admiration and recognition. The chief executive officer Charles Botchway who was spearheading the negotiations expressed his satisfaction in the whole process.He also said that it was a privilege to be at the forefront in realizing the growth of one of their client.


The senior managing director Karl D ’Cunha echoed these sentiments, adding that they were happy for being recognized for handling this complex cross-border transaction smoothly. The company has expressed its commitment to integrity, excellence, and leadership in delivering corporate advisory. Customers should expect more seamless transactions from Madison Street Capital.


In the 12 years of existence, Madison Street Capital does mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, corporate tax planning services and venture capital facilities for both privately owned and public businesses. Diversifying ensures that they get numerous clients. In 2015 the company grew their hedge fund from 32 in 2014 to 42 as shown in M&A.The transaction volume as measured by AUM was also 27% higher.


Karl D’ Cunha anticipates a stronger environment for the hedge fund than in 2015.The market will experience consolidation that bridges the distribution of products amongst buyers and sellers.


The Madison Street Capital trends show a steady growth of the investment market with complex transactions involving major companies coming up daily. All indicators prove that companies with vast experience and excellent customer service will win favor with most clients. Financial companies should invest their time and resources in improving these two areas.


Parties of interest should expect tremendous growth in the field of investment banking as more companies continue to embrace their crucial role in negotiating favorable terms amongst parties involved in various transactions. This is likely to be a successful year that will improve Madison Street Capital reputation


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Capital Group Makes Outstanding Choice for New Chairman

Capital Group is a leading investment management firm with most of its funds in equity mutual, they over sees $1.25 trillion for clients. It is one of the world’s leading firms. It was founded in 1931 by Jonathan Bell Lovelace. They are most known for the way they handle accounts. They run on a multiple manager system. This system divides each client’s asset funds amongst a number of different investors who pick what stocks and bonds to invest in based on their own research.

Timothy Armour was named the chairman of Capital Group on July 28th, 2015. He has been with Capital Group for 32 years working in all different departments of the firm. Timothy Armour received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College in Vermont and shortly after graduation is when he became part of the firm through their Associates Program in 1983. He has proven himself over and over again making him one of the most valuable investors. Tim believes that when it comes to investing you should find active managers who earn their keep. You are able to do this by learning the details about the company and comparing them to the possibilities of where the future for that industry is going.

For more information on Timothy Armour, view his business profile.

When the market crashed in September 2015 Timothy Armour believes that is largely in part to the fact that China is responsible for 15% of the world’s GDP. This makes them a great influence e on many developed countries. They are able to offset this even with lower oil prices, lower commodity and lower interest rates, which should provide them with a boost in finances globally.

According to Janet Yang, much of Capital Group’s success is because of Timothy. She believes it is his ability to “peer into the future” that has brought him this success. He is able to look at the future needs and demands of businesses and employees to better understand where the market is going and what investments are best for each individual. Timothy has the ability to understand many different aspects of firms and employees when looking into future investments. Capital Group is an excellent firm for anyone looking to invest with one of their many talented members.