Richard Mishaan: Interior Designer Using Culture as Inspiration

Richard Mishaan is one of the most sought after interior designers in New York. His work includes a combination of antiques and vintage items being complimented by the use of strong colors, patterns and ornaments coming from different cultures and eras. Richard Mishaan, being a top interior designer, has made it to several publications which focuses on the field, like AD 100 and Elle Décor. He is also a writer, being able to release a number of books like “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”. These books proved to be successful when they were released in the United States.


The latest project of Richard Mishaan was his entry for the Kip’s Bay Boys and Girls Club Decorator Show House. He decorated a library and a grand salon by using items that he found on antique shops. These items were from different periods of history, and he arranged them inside the room to look as if it is a giant museum. Then, he added the ornaments and painted the whole room in a color that would suit it the most. It resulted in a room that depicts time travel mixed in with different cultures – paintings coming from the Renaissance are being displayed alongside 18th century furniture, partnered with ornaments coming from different continents. The work of Richard Mishaan attracted a lot of attention, and he was praised for his talent.


Richard Mishaan believes that traveling is a way on how to get more ideas. He loves every type of culture, and would love to meet new people from different places. He also loves to read about history books, and through opening his mind about what happened in the past and what the culture of the people back then was, he is able to create a masterpiece that so many people would appreciate. He expressed that he will still experiment on new things to further develop his skill.