Cameron Clokie: Innovative Scientist, Surgeon And Entrepreneur

About Cameron Clokie:

Doctor Cameron Clokie is known best for being a surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur. For three long and consecutive decades, Dr. Cameron Clokie was engaged in academic dentistry and clinical practice. He is best known for his role as CEO of Induce Biologics Inc.: a company focused on discovering new and different solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction.

Although shortly retiring from his academic practices in 2017, Dr. Clokie was named as Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. In 1998 Dr. Clokie obtained the prideful title as the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. As for his title as a scientist, Dr. Clokie has obtained big positions on several different companies boards of scientific advisory thanks to his medical discoveries. Learn more about Cameron Clokie::

About Induce Biologics Inc.:

Induce Biologics Inc. is focused on the science of regenerative medicine. The goal of the company is to provide innovation on the field of musculoskeletal reconstruction for a new approach to muscle regrowth. Based in Toronto, Canada, Induce Biologics Inc. is developing bio implants for bone restoration and new growth. Establishing implants that contain bone morphogenetic protein and the right doses could potentially speed up bone regrowth at safe speeds.

Cameron Clokie’s outreach to society:

Doctor Clokie has immensely contributed to the scientific and medical world.

One of Dr. Clokies most named accomplishments was repairing the worlds first jawbone with BMP: otherwise known as bone morphogenetic protein. To collect a small grain of just 3 milligrams of protein to use in the surgery, Cameron Clokie was faced with the task of grinding the arms and leg bones of 40 cadavers.

Figuring that would not be commercially approved, Dr. Clokie relied on a biotech firm that produced BMP in the cells of Chinese Hamsters. Dr. Clokie has completed numerous jaw reconstructions since with the use of his discovery regarding bone reconstruction using BMP.

Besides his successful bone reconstruction discoveries, Cameron Clokie has gotten involved and educated society with his many writings. Most of his internationally published works have been on the topic of his studies and research regarding regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction.