Norka Luque’s musical journey- exciting and inspiring

The primary role of musicians is to compose and release songs that influence people’s ideas about life. The songs should bring clarity about living and energetic vibes in any situation. Norka Luque is a Venezuelan musician who has been at the forefront of delivering positive messages to her fans across the world. The quality in her songs and her world-class performance have solicited attention from veteran musicians in the worldwide music industry. Many experienced musicians have proceeded to do a remix of her hits.

NorkaLuque nurtured her voice from a very young age. With total support from her parents, she started training music by joining voice practice, piano, ballet, and flamenco lessons. She successfully split her time between musical training classes and a tight schedule in school. At high school education, she became part for major music competitions where she earned many awards. Norka went forth to pursue her undergraduate degree in France. She attained a degree in marketing, fashion, and culinary arts. Throughout her college life, she was engaged in several bands that kept her love for music alive.

When studying in France, she joined a small group and sung alongside a band. She, unfortunately, did not experience a break in her music career. Her break came a few years later at the Ricky Martin concert. She envisioned herself with Ricky at that gig. From that time on, she knew that music was her lifelong passion and dream and that she had to pursue it.

Norka Luque then moved to Miami, a prime location where young and talented individuals can be nurtured. The magic in her voice saw her reputation grow and word about her go far and beyond. The word got to Emilio Estefan, and he called her to hear he sing. It was only with a single song for Emilio to offer her a recording deal. Estefan called Archie Pena to assist with the production. The rest of the story is fantastic and is still evolving. As a bright start with an impressive Latino following, Norka Luque continues to grow her music in the United States and other parts of the world. To her the word impossible does not exist, she continues to sing even in the face of multiple challenges.