Securus Secures the Secured

Securus Technologies operates under the mindset of a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurship is a new philosophy impacting the world. It is the belief that big businesses do not only have to be concerned about the bottom line but can use their products to influence the world with positive change. Securus Technologies does this by decreasing inmate on inmate crime while also increasing the security of the guards and the wardens.


The leading cause of death in penitentiaries is inmates assaulting other inmates. Generally, it is not just one inmate attacking another, but rather a group focusing on one vulnerable inmate. The reason that this is such a problem is that inmates can coordinate these attacks by using contraband phones, which are pervasive in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies dealt with this problem head-on by creating a product that allowed them to pinpoint the exact location of contraband cell phones the moment they connect to the cell tower. This product is called “Cell Defender.” This product is crucial because most inmates are not going to keep their contraband phones in their cells. They hide them away somewhere else in the penitentiary. However, pinpointing their location when in use was not enough.


Securus Technologies went further and created another product that can hack into and somewhat control these contraband phones. This new product can read messages sent and received, even if they have already been deleted. It allows them to view Facebook and Instagram to know what is being plotted. This still is not enough.


Securus Technologies have to shut down a contraband cell phone’s access to the internet. This is crucial because most phones do not require a plan to connect to Wi-Fi and inmates use Messenger to plan attacks. To this end, Securus Technologies has created their Wireless Containment Solutions.


Can Securus lead the way in reforming the inmate communications industry?

Common practices of the inmate communications industry have come under criticism in recent years. Several states have started to crack down on the industry, and Global Tel Link is being sued by the Attorney General of Mississippi for some of its practices. Several other companies are named in the lawsuit. Securus Technologies is not one of the companies named as defendants in the suit.


Securus Technologies is helping to work to define the ethics of the industry. Representatives from the company continue to work with the department of corrections of several states to bring the costs down. Other states have imposed caps on what the industry can charge for its collect calls.


The other companies are working to maintain the industry status quo. It is the same status quo that allows inmates to be overcharged, double charged or charged for extra services they did not use. People confined within correctional facilities have no choice but to use the company that contracts with their facility. The charges are often passed onto the families of the prisoners.


While the prices are still high, Securus is working to help create competition, give inmates greater choices of communications services, and to prevent inmate communications firms from double charging prisoners. Reforming the industry should also improve the overall image these firms have with the public.