How Financial Advisors Can Help Clients With Retirement Plans

A new study by Nationwide Retirement Institute showed that financial advisers could lose clients if they do not talk about social security in retirement. The survey on showed that 4 in 5 people could move their business from a financial adviser who assumes social security to one willing to talk about it. Social security could potentially take up 40% of the retirement benefits making it very vital if one is to plan for retirement.

Additionally, the study revealed the disappointment of most retired people after they received fewer benefits than they had initially anticipated. Some of them had budgeted for that money but given the undisclosed taxes and deductions at, they have had to settle for a less luxurious life after retirement. This can all be blamed on lack of proper planning for retirement.

David Giertz, the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales urges financial advisers to take the issue of social security in retirement more seriously. He emphasizes that people need to accommodate social security as they make the plans for their retirement. David Giertz also advises the financial advisers to encourage clients to delay taking up their retirement benefits. The reason is that if delayed, benefits tend to have annual growth thus ending up in more monthly receipts when the retirees take up their benefits on On the contrary, early subscribers of retirement benefits receive less monthly receipts.

David Giertz has worked in the finance sector for over 30 years and has had a chance to work with many individual and corporate clients. He is also a registered stock broker with FINRA. This was after he passed exams in securities. He also has a strong background in finance having undertaken a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Milliken and master’s degree from the Miami School of Business.