Andrew Rocklage: From Being a Legal Professional to Owning a Trampoline Park

Andrew Rocklage is one of the brightest emerging entrepreneurs in Boston. Despite the fact that he is not yet 40, Mr. Rocklage has created a name for himself as a serious entrepreneur through his work at Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

He founded the business in September 2015 and has grown it to become of the most popular indoor trampoline parks in the country.

At first, it seemed that Andrew Rocklage would have a long and successful career in law. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School. This is in addition to a B.S. Sports Management and Economics degree that he had earlier been awarded by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

After graduating with his law degree, Mr. Andrew Rocklage first worked as a legal intern at a number of organizations including the Boston Red Sox and later Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He impressed at both companies and was promoted to the Ticket Services Associate while at the Boston Red Sox and later legal consultant while at Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

After leaving Cubist, he joined famed law firm Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C. He was at the firm for four short months before deciding to leave for another established law firm Avert, Dooley & Noone. After approximately half a year at the company, Mr. Rocklage went back to being a legal consultant. Only this time it was for biopharmaceutical giant EPIRUS.

While at the company, it was noted that in addition to the sound legal advice that he offered, Mr. Rocklage possessed a business acumen level far beyond average. As such, he was promoted to the position of Corporate Counsel. He held this title until he left the world of employment in late 2015.

Throughout his professional and entrepreneurial career, Andrew Rocklage has remained true to innovation. His decision to leave the employment as a law professional and launch a recreational business may have been interpreted as poor one by many at the time he was beginning.

He, however, had the foresight to predict what the business could grow into and what strategies would be needed to get it there.

One of the strategies he has concentrated on is prudent customer service. Any customer walking into Sky Zone Trampoline Park is assured of friendly and helpful treatment from the establishment’s staff.

Given the often extremely challenging nature of his professional endeavors, Mr. Rocklage does like to take a break from time to time. Despite being overwhelmingly loyal his hometown and current residence, Boston, one Mr. Rocklage’s favorite pastimes is traveling.

He enjoys meeting and interacting with people from diverse cultures and countries. There is no doubt that embracing others’ outlooks throughout his various travels will come in handy when he inevitably takes his entrepreneurial exploits international.

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