Home Creations with Todd Lubar

As time changes, so do other things. This includes how entrepreneurs become successful and how they make life better not only for themselves but also for others.

Entrepreneurs come from different walks of life; there are some who were born with money so starting a business or a venture is not that hard since financial capitalization is taken of the equation. There are also others who come from a working-class family whose highest ambition is to provide a good education for their children which would help them start on their own. For more details visit angel.co to see more.

To be an entrepreneur in this day and age, one must have the following personal traits:

Persistence – never give up no matter how difficult everything is; manage every roadblock with diligence.

Dedication – find short term and long term solutions for the goals you want to accomplish.

Modestly Self-Assured – avoid too much self-confidence. Learn to listen to others because a good leader is also a good follower.

Transparency – be open and clear about what you want and how you want to do it. It is important to remember that your actions and decisions as an entrepreneur also affect others. Check out about.me page for more.

Inquisitiveness – continuously seek for answers to questions that are asked or are yet to be asked.

Presenting Todd Lubar. Todd Lubar earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. He worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation from 1995 to 1999. As of this time, Lubar is TDL Global Venture’s President. He facilitated the company’s growth by expanding its capacity to sell, profit, purchase and rehabilitate family homes.

And in his line of work, he was able to foster deep and lasting relationships with all the people within the building industry that allowed him to create the best homes within a very limited time.

As for his success, Todd Lubar said that hard work is a part of it but most of all it is the way he handles his company. Todd always makes sure that he knows what is happening in all the aspects of the business. And he listens to the millennials by often taking into consideration the people who work for him.

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