How to Plan A/B Testing for Your Site

If you want to make changes on your website without negatively impacting its profitability, you may want to take advantage of one of the latest tools and resources in testing a website. Since these tools and resources have changed and evolved greatly over the years, it is essential to know which types of testing yields that best results. So, for those of you who are interested in knowing more about how to develop a plan that is effective and profitable at the same time, here is some information about how to develop a plan with the use of A/B testing.

Identify what you want to Test First

Just like testing any product, service or technique, one of the first things that marketing professionals are tasked with doing is identifying what they want to test first. Because there are so many different elements involved in testing a site for performance, these professionals will need to pinpoint where the actual need is well in advance. For instance, if the owner of the site would like to know if the current email mail marketing campaign that they have developed is working as it was intended, they should be looking for the conversion rate to see if it is continuously going up or down. Once the owner of the site has decided that their email marketing campaign is part of their goals and objectives, they can easily move to the next step.

Carrying out A/B testing for the Sites’ Emails

As reference above, identifying the email marketing campaign as the first step is essential to getting started. Once this has been decided, the next step is to focus on determining which variables need to be compared. For instance, when the owner of the site would like to see how well the new email marketing strategy will compare to the present email, they can begin to set up the test scenarios that they will be used to make their determinations.


Accurate Results Run Simultaneously

When the variables have been selected carefully, the next step in this kind of plan is to run the test simultaneously. By running the tests at the exact same time, using the traffic that is currently coming to the site, the results will be more accurate, reliable and the owner will have a chance to see if the new email campaign produces a higher conversion rate. With this type of testing, everyone can save time and money, especially when it is performed with the use of artificial intelligence.