Impressionable facts about Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of the most successful entrepreneurs, and his persistence and efforts have seen him accomplish a lot in his life. He has always believed in the impact of teamwork and while at Georgetown University in Washington, together with his three friends they founded the Sweetgreens eatery.

The many struggles they went through while searching for a better place to eat was the basis of the founding of the business.

The firm which is now located on M Street has become one of the major suppliers of fresh food to people and the high-quality products and services that it offers to its clients has seen it attract a vast number of customers.

Sweetgreens restaurant has established its operations in a significant number of places including NewYork city, Philaphedia, and Washington. The great management team of the firm has taken up the role to ensure that the company offers the highest quality of products to ensure that their customers rise in number. Besides, they always ensure that they purchase their products from local farmers to make sure that they are fresh.

The firm also places a high value to its customers and throws a music festival every year to increase the fun to their clients. Besides, diversity has always been part of the business, and besides it establishing the yearly music festival, the firm also offers yoga classes to all interested parties in the various areas that they operate.

Nathaniel has always been an inspiration to many people, and his commitment towards achieving the best has seen become highly successful in the food and beverage field. His great passion towards serving his customers much faster has seen him heavily rely on the use of the modern technology while conducting most of his activities as well as transactions.

Nathaniel saw the firm start up a mobile app through which their customers can easily place orders as well as conduct any operations accordingly.

Being the chief executive officer of the enterprise, Nathaniel has also played a significant role in developing high development strategies for the business. He has successfully seen the company establish its operations in over forty locations and as a result, served a vast number of customers.

Nathaniel has also successfully invested in three other companies apart from Sweetgreens and seems to be unstoppable when it comes to investing. He also spends his free time encouraging young people and also mentors them to shape up their way to success.

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