Jose Hawilla and The Attributes That Comprise A Successful Business Leader

There’s a lot of things that can be said about starting a business. Some would say that starting a business should be about street smarts, and less reliance on theories and books. Some would say it has to go with books first. In the report from The Balance, it is noted that some of the most critical factors that contribute to the success of a business could be the environment, personality, and drive of the person. Having these strong points could be a fantastic vantage point for any company to withstand the challenges of the market.

America: The Land of Opportunity

It’s not hard to understand why America is named as the land of opportunity. Creative men come to the country to employ their ideas and translate them into corporate projects. This fact also corresponds to the accepted statistics. In a survey from The Balance, it is shown that in 2016 alone, there is a Global Entrepreneurship Index that states how the United States ranks first among the countries that can offer the best environment for all entrepreneurs.

It is also unraveled in the article that at the periphery of any business success story is also the business leader’s personality. There’s so much in one’s nature that can dictate the outcome of a business, the destination of the entrepreneurs’ career, and the results of such ventures. Without the right character to go along with the environment, it may be hard to go through the challenges ingrained in being a successful business leader. That said, one of the few and rare people these days that have withstood the challenges of running a business and have the characteristics of an entrepreneur is Jose Hawilla.

The Journalist Turned Entrepreneur

The people in Brazil know Jose Hawilla as the Brazilian mogul who has transformed some of the methods of running a business. Being a journalist means that Jose Hawilla has all the knowledge of how marketing and advertising work on the large scale and setting. With that knowledge, he started the sports marketing company, Traffic. Check out educacaofisica to see more.

Traffic right now leads as a sports marketing and advertising company that helps in increasing the exposure and growing the career of various athletes.

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