Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the leading Title and Document companies in the United States, as evidenced by the fact that eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and title companies rely on Nationwide primarily for their document needs. When it comes to closing time on a home or property sale, having the right documents on time is very important and without them, the closing will not happen.


Nationwide has been in business since 1991, and since that time the Palm Harbor company has become one of the largest and most sought after title and document companies in the country. Their expert staff of over 570 well-trained employees keeps the documents flowing from the over 3,600 counties and jurisdictions that Nationwide has access to all over the United States.


Employee training is a big factor in the success of the company along with the approach to the daily pressure that is every present when there is a constant need for perfection. Nationwide currently has a 99.98% compliance rate and a rejection rate of 0.79% when it comes to finding the correct document.


It all boils down to education, training and follow up. A new employee is brought through a highly detailed and in-depth training at the outset and then continues through a three-week mentoring experience where the details are learned with a mentor always by their side. The new employee can move on to another phase by mastering the current one, and so on.


There is also 150 modules of advanced training which is voluntary, although it is instrumental in advancement to supervisory and management positions in the company. Nationwide does have many online availabilities of ways to find documents, but not all can be left up to robots. It takes 570 plus human beings to fill in the blanks and to make sure that the process keeps moving so accuracy and speed are always at the forefront.


Nationwide handles the gamut of service that retail title and mortgage companies need to process loans, and these include lien releases, assignments, current ownership records, document retrieval, nationwide abstractor services, final document processing, assignment verification, lien verification reports, current ownership verification, and many other services.


As John Hillman, CEO put it, the pressure that is on all of us is real, but when you can have fun working, the stress is taken off the worker.


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