Sam Boraie: Creating a Better Future

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to have business leaders take the initiative in an effort to make the world a better place to live and play. While there are numerous people who do this and more, perhaps none have demonstrated the commitment and passion for this than Sam Boraie. As one of the world’s most prominent real estate businessmen and noted philanthropists, Sam has used his expertise and desire to help others realize their dreams. In his quest to create a better future for others, Sam Boraie has helped breathe new life into his local community and numerous charities, including Elijah’s Project. With his willingness to go all-out to help others, it’s no wonder Sam’s reputation as a businessman and philanthropist continues to grow in stature.

Sam and Urban Development

As a pillar in the New Brunswick community, Boraie Development has breathed new life into the area through its numerous real estate development projects. And according to Bloomberg’s data, as a result, many new and exciting projects in the area have been the direct result of Boraie Development. For example, by working with a variety of people in New Brunswick, Sam has been able to create The Aspire, a luxury rental tower made especially for young, trendy renters who want luxury as well as the convenience of living in downtown New Brunswick. The NY Times foresees with the New Brunswick train station, restaurants, and nightlife nearby, this project has proven to be very popular.

Elijah’s Project

According to PR News, along with bringing new and exciting real estate projects to New Brunswick, Sam has played a large role in helping the well-known charity Elijah’s Project break the cycle of poverty in the local area by alleviating hunger and bringing the promise of a better day to people everywhere. Whether feeding those who visit their soup kitchen or helping to provide education and jobs through their Promise Culinary School, Sam has helped to ensure numerous people’s lives have been enriched.

Continuing to make the world a better place, Sam’s philanthropic efforts and business dealings are expected to breathe new life into New Brunswick in new and exciting ways in the years ahead.