Samuel Strauch Uses Metrik Real Estate To Help Real Estate Investors

While real estate may be blooming into a successful venture in many parts of the world, caution must be taken when venturing into the business. Luxurious as it may be, some challenges come with being part of this ever-transforming business. That is why it is vital to be part of a mogul’s world in dealing with real estate. A real estate entrepreneur understands the values that come with being part of this business. An astute real estate entrepreneur acknowledges clients by offering the best deals ever. Such are the characteristics of the prominent Samuel Strauch.

Interview Profile

The famous IdeaMensch interviewed Samuel Strauch. In the interview, he cited that it is important to know that whatever path we take in life, it is consequential to our growth. Strauch was a student at Hofstra University. He majored in business management. He later joined Erasmus University to advance his education. This explains his dedication and resilience. As if that was not enough, he went ahead to join Harvard University. This is a symbol of persistence and charisma. It explains his journey and passion for working incredibly hard in all he does. Strauch is committed to excellence.


After school, Samuel Strauch joined the working class. He was part of the banking business for a while. It is in this field that he delved into what currently defines him. Strauch left banking to join real estate, a business that was run by his family. At this juncture, he was moved by the needs of the residents of South Florida. He realized that there was a lot to handle to complete the society that he lived in. Strauch decided to establish a business. Metrik Real Estate was born. Of course, he retained the leadership position.


In 2002, Strauch was controlling Metrik Real Estate. It is a platform that has assisted masses to attain real estate ventures in South Florida. His passion rests in knowing that many have succeeded in finding shelter and business deals. Samuel is actively involved in investing in companies as well. Through Metrik Real Estate, he has reached out to many investors through partnership offers. His idea to establish Metrik Real Estate rooted from the wave of market niche in the Miami real estate industry. Samuel Strauch realized that with a couple of strong property investors, he could plunge into a thriving business that is now his major achievement. For Strauch, hope is built on knowing that clients have the best.

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